Monday, June 05, 2006

Cannellini Bean Yam Hummus

This Cannellini Bean Yam Hummus is one of my favorite recipes from Vive le Vegan!

It's been a while since I've made this dip, and also a while since I've done a cooking segment for Erik's Diner. Here, we have both!

On Erik Marcus's podcast today, I have a short piece (~5 mins) on making this hummus. I briefly explain the ingredients, give a few tips, and describe how to make this easy, tasty dip.

I would actually rename this recipe if I could, because the name doesn't accurately describe what this dip is. It's not really a hummus. It's more of a smoky-sweet bean dip that combines cannellini beans with baked yam (orange sweet potato for some of you), Tabasco chipotle hot sauce, toasted pine nuts, fresh lime or lemon juice, and a few other seasonings.

I use a small amount of the chipotle hot sauce which gives this dip a smoky flavor, rather than a spicy 'heat'. This combines very well with the sweetness of the yam, the creaminess of the cannellini beans, and the earthy tone of the toasted pine nuts.

Try this recipe for your next party or picnic, serving it with pita breads, tortilla chips, or a sliced baguette. It's proven to be a hit at parties when I make it, and it's very different from other hummus and bean dips you have tried!

p.s. After publishing this post, Vicki commented that she also made this hummus! Funny, and once again... I like her picture better than mine!


Vicki said...

what a surprise!! dreena, we have the same post title today! this dip is so super delicious & i just ate a pita sandwich with it. mmmm, mmmm, good! :o)

Ms. Mercedes said...

this dip is soooo good. it was the first thing I made from vive and got me hooked!! love the gorgeous photo =)

EatPeacePlease said...

Dreena, this looks awesome. I made your Simple Cider last night and that was an A+.

Anonymous said...

I've never tried this recipe. Now I must!

Melissa West said...

I've never tried it either... you've peaked my interest!

Freedom said...

I wish my library had Vive as well as
TEV... darn! I positively adore sweet potato (or yam, as you call it) and I can not get enough of dips. Plus, this looks totally amazing! One day (*sighs*) I'll get my hands on a copy of Vive and try it.

Starla said...

Hi Dreena:
I just listened to the podcast. I love your Canadian accent. Now I cannot wait to try this dip. I have to try and locate some chipotle sauce now. I'm guessing since it's by Tabasco, it will be in my regular grocery store.

Dreena said...

Now I'm curious what you had for dinner last night, Vicki! Ha!! Glad you liked it. :)

Thanks Ms. Mercedes!!

Hi Leslie, thanks! That vinaigrette reminds me of my pregnancy SO much. I really craved a very 'vinegar-y' salad dressing, and so I came up with that recipe. It had to be simple, and fairly sour, and I think it is more sour than some of my other vinaigrettes.

Megan, and Dragonslayer... if you like the taste of chipotle (smoky, not overly hot in heat), and toasted pine nuts, I think you'll love the dip. Those flavors come through nicely. The yam you taste a little, but not too much, just adds more of a sweet balance. :)

Hi freedom... patience is a virtue, as they say (and my mom certainly said so - over and over)! :) They may order it in if you ask them, worth a try!

Hi Starla. It's so funny, because I think I have a "newfie" accent, which is very different from how most Canadians sound. I have a funny mix I guess!! Re the chipotle, yes, you can find it in your grocery store - that's where I get it. No specialty stores needed, just in the aisle with other Tabasco hot sauce. It's quite good, you need just a little, then keep in the fridge and you can add it to burritos, soups, taco fillings, etc. It's great!!

Harmonia said...

I still have yet to make this! I sooooo want to but have had a hard time finding good yams! *sigh*

Vicki said...

hi dreena ~ i just listened to Erik's podcast & it was so fun to hear your voice describing this wonderful recipe ~ such a cool personal touch! thanks so much for adding my link, i'm super honored & tickled. :o)

Harmonia said...

I found two good yams today and quickly purchased them. How many does your recipe call for again? I don't have it right infront of me.

Also, has anyone seen Kai?

I just went to her blog and there was another one in its said Mackenzie Evans or something...talked about Willie Nelson.

Hope everything is okay with everyone!

raising_kahne said...

This looks scrumptious! I recently tried hummus, and I would have really liked it, except it was really bland(because it was original flavor) but I really want to try this!

Also, I have another one of my "random" questions: Is cocoa vegan or all natural? I think I might have cocoa and chocolate confused(well I know the difference, but not really in the vegan facts) I know most chocolate isnt vegan, but is cocoa??

Dreena said...

Hi Harmonia! I'm just getting back to you - been a helluva day!! (I'll have more to say about THAT tomorrow!) You need just one yam/sweet potato for this recipe, unless they are very small then probably two. Recipe uses 3/4 cup cooked yam. That thing with Kai's blog was bizarre... I still don't get what happened there.

Oh, you're most welcome Vicki... it was no trouble! I just thought it was too coincidental that we both did this dip and posted about it the same day, I had to go back and mention it! Thanks for listening to the podcast - as I've mentioned, I have a funny mix in my Canadian accent, being from Newfoundland and now living out west. Some people know straight away when they talk to me that I grew up in Newfoundland. That's very sweet of you to say, thanks. :)

Hi Savanna... well, this dip certainly isn't bland so if it's flavor you want, this one's got it (though it's not spicy hot). I'm fairly certain there is no issue with cocoa powder being vegan. Have never heard of any such thing. As for chocolate, yes, it can (and most often does) include some form of dairy. You really need to look closely at the labels to ensure there is no "milk ingredients" or "butterfat" or anything else dairy-based in there. Hope that helps. Oh, and ditto for hot chocolate or hot cocoa. Even labels stating "dark chocolate" on hot cocoa or chocolate bars, the product may still have dairy.

raising_kahne said...

I think I might have read something about chocolate, and just assumed cocoa was included in it! But I was just reading ingredients on several of the LUNA Bars I bought, and they have cocoa in them, so that made me wonder. But from what I read about them, all of them are Vegan(and delicious!)

Danielle D. said...

I know this is an old post (and I'm not sure if you'll see this), but I was wondering if you have ever tried making this with squash in lieu of yams?

Anonymous said...

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