Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Nobody Told Me

"there'd be days like these"

... days like yesterday that is.

Well, I didn't get around to a post yesterday. The day was busy as usual. Started like this:

Once the kids were up (early, and after a couple of tantrums), we got out for some groceries, back home to get 18 month old for a nap, I made muffins and hummus and helped older daughter with her soccer book (she had soccer that afternoon). Oh, first, we had misplaced the book and spent about 1/2 hour looking for it. Between making hummus and muffins I did laundry and other chores, then got lunch ready for us all.

Lunch is ready, baby is awake, we eat lunch. Kids play for about 1/2 hour before we need to leave for soccer and I am cleaning the much destroyed kitchen in the meantime. Finally cleaned. Get upstairs to get baby changed and get older daughter ready. "Mommy, she has a poo bum" I hear. "Okay, you go get your teeth brushed". I get baby, start to change her - and - she is SOAKED. I mean her pants leg is soaked through with poo. She had a very runny poo (not sure why, but hey, she's a baby), and so I have to bathe her. It's 20 minutes to soccer and I am bathing the baby (wrenched my back in the process of rushing). I get back to her room to clean up her laundry. Go to older daughter's room and notice that the baby had been up on her bed. With her poo clothes. Yes. I look and can see spots where there is poo. No need to look anymore. I realize that I have to strip the bed and wash ALL of her bed sheets, duvet, and pillow. Uh huh, even the pillow got the wrath of baby poo. After managing to get one load in the wash before soccer, we run out the door with 5 minutes to get there.

A few minutes late, but my daughter is out on the field having a blast and I am finally able to sit in the sun and breathe. And call my husband to say "I'm wiped, you can come home a little early if you want" (code for "get your butt home I've had enough today"). We leave soccer, get back home, I need to get the baby in for an afternoon nap and continue cleaning. After another 2 loads of laundry and cleaning some of the floor, hubby gets home 1/2 hour early to help and we throw an Amy's pizza in the oven as well as some leftovers, have a salad, and say...

"strange days indeed"

It's amazing that with kids your days can go from busy but manageable to completely freaking out of control! One or two things, and whammo, you can scrap anything you thought you might get done that day. There have been many days that I have sung this to myself...

I will post again later today with foodie stuff, but I just thought I'd share my "fun" with you all.


Harmonia said...

You are a saint!


Thanks for your comments...hope you have more time today...if you do...check out my shopping spree if you go blog hopping today.

As for Kai...I see you found her as I did at - strange...very strange. I haven't hear from her yet so here's hoping all is well.


SDGvegan said...

I can relate! I had one of those days yesterday too! But, mine concerns my oldest, not youngest. He has Asperger's and let's just say he keeps it interesting.

kaivegan said...

Dreena, nobody told me either. So not funny, but I have days like that too. (((hugs))) Hope today is better.

Speaking of, my blog got hijacked yesterday. I was really upset! Thanks for your comment.

I started a new blog, which is housed on:

Harmonia, I'll be over there in a second!

Melissa West said...

(((((((((Dreena))))))))) lots of hugs for you sweetheart! You poor thing, what a day. You are absolutely amazing. I can't believe you actually got your daughter off to soccer. Good thing too that sounds like it actually gave you a chance to take a couple of deep breaths and enjoy the pure exuberance of little kidlets kicking a soccer ball around. I hope you had a good night's rest and that there are calmer roads ahead (with less runny poop).
(((((HUGS)))) Moms are the most amazing people on the planet and you are among that group.

Anonymous said...

Dreena....I don't know how you do it. I realize the other day that if I am going to have 2 kids before I'm 35, I've got to get pregnant next fall. That leave me only a little over a year of "Independant Megan". It's really got me, with days like your' do you ever find time for yourself. I'm scared!

EatPeacePlease said...

Whew, I'd be wiped out too. Good thing I'm not a mom (yet) because the poop all over would have freaked me out.

Glad you got through the day, had a pizza and today is a new day. I hope it's not a *poopy* one.

Vicki said...

"completely freaking out of control!" too many times i totally relate. (mine: 15 months, 3 years, & 1 childish dog) laundry is never ending ~ esp. on poopy days. honestly, i'm super impressed you made it to soccer.

Julie said...

Oh, poor you! ::hugs::

Well, you sound like a wonderful mom & I hope the next few days are calmer & less poopy!

Michelle said...

how come these things only happen when we are trying to get out the door??? that's what i want to know!

Sweet Pea said...

Dreena, Despite the chaos it's amazing that you got so much done. That's the thing about being a mom you have to keep going no matter what.
Here's to better days ahead.

Cindy said...

Before I had my son I wouldn't have never imagined that there could be days so hectic that I felt like locking myself in the bathroom for a few minutes of peace and quiet. I literally do this sometimes to catch my breath. I used to be one of those people who was in and out of the bathroom. I did not hanging out in there. But I find now I tend to linger a bit longer to catch my breath. Children certainly keep you on your toes and can exponentially add to a hectic day, but one smile from their sweet faces and it all goes away (for at least a few moments).
To all of the parents out there I say kudos for a job well done. Your children will appreciate it some day.

Dreena said...

Harmonia, a saint or a sucker for punishment trying to squeeze all I do into a day!! :) Hey, I saw all your goodies, wow... hope you like that jicama, it's esp good with spicy food and I know you love that!

Hi sdgvegan, I hadn't heard of that condition... I had to look it up through the internet. Yes, your day to day activities and interactions must be much more demading and tough at times. Sorry you had a bad day the day before... I'll send some good vibes your way for smoother days (and lots of strength and patience as a mom). :)

Oh, thank you Kai! :) It's so true that we all have days like these, but we don't think others do, or at least that they handle the situation much better than we do! I see your pics of you and your girls and think "oh, she looks like a great mom and her girls look so happy and everything looks so peaceful and calm". I'm sure it's a different story many days!! So, with your site, how does that hijacking stuff happen, and did you lose all of your blog info??! That's freaky.

Hey dragonslayer... well, you're right, it WAS good that I had to get to soccer. Gave me a chance to get away and breathe and not get wound up by it. Then when I got home I was in a better place to get back to clean up and laundry! Thanks for those reassuring words!! :)

Megan, "be afraid"... "be very, very afraid"........ I'm kidding!! No really, it's fun and wonderful, and tiring and tough all at the same time. Your life *will* change, no doubt. But if you want to have children, you will want to have some of those changes anyhow. And it is hard work, like you hear, but you adjust to the stages. It's not like someone hands you a poopy-dripping toddler and you have to adapt all at once! :) You work through the stages and really I think we change very much as parents just to be able to cope with our new roles. Enjoy your 'independent' time now, and when you're ready, you can enter that new stage of life happy to do so. For me, "my time" is early in the morning, and then on the weekends hubby is home so I get breaks here and there. We don't have family around to get extra breaks, but if you do, then that will be of great help to you!! Now, go out and have some fun for me, since I go to bed too early - ha!! :)

Hi Leslie!! Well, the poop thing freaked me out too. I'm a bit of a control freak, but after something like that, you realize that you have lost control!!... and there is only so much you can clean! Oh, and I did have another bad poopy day yesterday - not AS bad, but still requiring a full bath!

Yes, Vicki, the laundry is like a revolving door!! I do at least 2 loads a day, sometimes 3, or 4! Days like this one, it was about 7!! Absolutely nuts. Honestly, I don't know how you have a dog as well, that's a heap of extra work. We have a cat, and I don't have patience for when she pukes... and besides that mostly all she does is sleep!

Thank you Julie, I feel like a bit of a whiner now, but I thought that these stories help other moms know that they aren't the only ones!! :)

Well, Michelle, it would mean that we would have too much time and control if these things happened when we had not much to do, right. Wait now, not much to do... what's that???!! Ha!

Sweet Pea, that is SO true. When I think of how busy I *thought* I was during university, and before kids when I was working. Yeah, there were busy, insane days... but you got lunch, and vacation days, and weekends! As a mom, you have to keep on truckin'! All the time, and you get used to your new state of being "on" most of the time. Thanks for your good wishes!! :) I send mine back to you too.

Cindy, I laughed through some of your comment. You said "now I tend to linger in there to catch my breath"... funny, we all do something like that, get away from the kids before we burst!! Yes, I think we do see that they appreciate our work as they get older. Even with my 5 yr old I am noticing that. Still have our moments, though, but it's rewarding to see they appreciate things. I also find that my husband keeps me going because he is so appreciative of the work I am doing and my tough days. He spends a few hours at home and says "I have no idea how the heck you do this"!! Just after a few hours he's ready to run, so we do need to give ourselves some pats on the back, as you said! :)

raising_kahne said...

wow. Talk about SuperMom to the rescue! May your day today be totally un-stressful!

kaivegan said...

>>> "oh, she looks like a great mom and her girls look so happy and everything looks so peaceful and calm"

Haha. We only show the world the best moments.

The contents of my old blog is intact and the archives are now incorporated in the new one. It was just the domain name that got stolen.

Sue said...

Vegan baby poops are awe-inspiring, my daughter has a diaper blow-out several times a week (we use Tushies). We get to enjoy those poops without a washing machine (live in an apartment) and with twins! Whoo-hoo, oh what fun ;-))