Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Nature's Burger and Home Fries

This is a Nature Burger by Fanstastic Foods. Sadly, after only discovering them this past year, I just used my last mix (at least for a while).

You see, appaently Fantastic Foods has pulled out of Canada due to labelling laws. I mentioned to Carrie a few months back that Muir Glen has done the same, which sent her on a wild one-woman search and rescue mission! Fantastic foods has joined the pack, as well as Cascadian Farms (apparently they are part of a larger parent company that is not selling in Canada anymore).

I'm not always a fan of these dehydrated 'add-water & mix' burgers. Some of them are good, some not so much. For instance, I have tried a couple of felafel mixes, and found them just not fresh tasting enough, with a dried spice heat that wasn't enjoyable. But these Nature Burgers got thumbs up from everyone in our house, and these I served topped with guacamole, usual condiments (Nayonnaise, ketchup) a batch of home fries and a salad drizzled with a new Creamy "Honey"-Mustard Dressing (which I personally love).

So, my friends in Canada, stock up on these goods if you like them, or like me, you'll find yourself in the need for cross-border trips.

Note: The directions on the box call for 1 1/2 cups water for the entire packet of mix. I use boiling water, and I always add a couple tablespoons extra. I like the burgers a little more moist, and a touch more water does the trick.


aimee said...

Love these burgers! One of the very few box mixes I'll use. (Sorry to tell you I just bought 2 as they were on sale!) Just say the word and I'll send you a few!!! (Nothing like a little "burger contraband" from the US!)
I just made your sunflower-lentil pie, again, and am still just as pleased as the first time. I had enough leftover this time to mix with some mayo for cold sandwiches...YUM! I might try using different beans or nuts next time. Have you tried this? Would you recommend anything?

raising_kahne said...

Im also not a fan of 'add water and mix' things. Too many bad experiences for me to try them any time soon! Thee 'honey' dressing sounds amazing. I always loved honey mustard dressings on everything, and havent found any vegan ones that could compare! But Im sure yours is awesome!

bazu said...

Oh, I love Nature burgers! You are right, they are one of the few dry mixes that are good. I'd be happy to send you some, if you ever have a big craving for them!
Do you know what the labelling issues are? I wonder why these companies are pulling out instead of just changing their labels? The soymilk I drink is made in Canada, and last year, I noticed they changed their nutrition labels- how hard can it be?

Carrie™ said...

Dreena, thanks for the mention!
I had some of the Nature Burger mix a while ago and quite liked it. But, I can't find it anywhere now. We were in the States a couple of days ago and I forgot to grab some!Grrr!
I'm working on a special post for you as a matter of fact! I should have it up in a day or so. My naturopath has me on a bit of an intensive program this week and frankly, I feel like crap. (She warned me of this ahead of time, so I was expecting it. We're doing some drainage. UGH!) So, once I've got some zing back, I'll finish it up and post it.

Judy said...

I love Nature Burger! I didn't hear they were leaving.
My sister used to make a fantastic stir fry using chunks of soaked burger mixture with potatoes, snow peas, bean sprouts and lots of garlic. So yummy.loser

Judy said...

Oops, I didn't mean to write loser! I'm sorry!

Eat Peace Please said...

What a deal. I'd stock up if I liked them enough.

We have some bilingual labeling here, English/Spanish since we're so close to the border.

Anonymous said...


Are you able to order them online?

Dreena said...

Yes, Aimee, send me a case!! - jk! I think that sunflower pie recipe has become more popular for the leftovers using in sandwiches than hot out of the oven - not that I mind one bit as long as you and others are enjoying it! I've never sub'd other nuts/beans in it, but I think walnuts would be very good with the lentils, and if you were to sub chickpeas for the lentils (same cooked volume - you could saute the onion and then puree it with cooked chickpeas and a little water as needed), then I think that almonds might be good too. Let me know if you ever switch it up! :)

Thanks Savanna... I've done two variations on it - a regular one and a creamy version. I like both, and they are sweet but still nice and tangy too!

Bazu, it's because of the need for French labelling, and as I understand our population in Canada is not 'worth' some companies investing in the change of labelling, for the amount of sales that they generate in return. Kinda' sad, huh?

Oooh, Carrie, my interest is piqued now!! Sounds like you are undergoing some type of 'cleansing'??? - I've never done one, though I know you can feel just dog tired and full of headaches and almost sick, etc. I understand it lasts just a couple of days though, so hopefully you'll be zipping about again soon!! (I'll be popping over to see what's going on at your - oops, Simon's - house)!

Hi Judy - hey, that's a GREAT idea by your sis! Too bad we won't be able to experiment with it ourselves, but I can see how it would work because the patties do firm up quite a lot and hold their shape. Well, maybe our US friends can try it out!! (ha, just read your next comment - funny, we are the losers on this one!) :)

Hey Les! Yeah, I didn't think about that... but you have all the products that you can find everywhere else, right? But then, your population would warrant the labelling changes for most companies. Have you tried these Nature Burgers? They're not "meaty", so you might like them. :)

Harmonia said...

I've only had these burgers once. Probably because I can't find them...even in the states! ek!

Eat Peace Please said...

I haven't tried them. I also didn't know they weren't meaty so thanks, I will try them now.

We have access to most things here, after all, there are quite a few "health food stores" in my area. I find that personal care products are bilingual-labeled more than food, but that could also be due to where I shop.

Julie said...

I haven't had these for a long time--but, I remember they were good.

I also like Fantastic Foods Taco "Meat". I think it is just basically tvp with seasonings. Great for tacos...MmMmMm

Dreena said...

Hi Harmonia... you don't have the best access to veg products where you live, do you? I know you've mentioned special ordering things before. You'd probably like these - with more garlic added in of course!!!

You're welcome, Leslie... they are based on dried legumes mostly, and spices and grains with some soy in there as well, but it's not like a tvp mix or other burgers that can be 'chewy' or meat-like.

Hi Julie - like the new profile pic, btw! - sounds like that mix is great for a quick meal... I've never seen that one, but then when we did have the mixes we didn't have the full line of their product offerings anyhow... and now, boooo we have nothing!! :)

Dreena said...

Ooops, Kim, I missed your comment/question. I'm sure I can order them through vegan essentials or another online source, though I don't order too often simply because it's quite $$ to ship to Canada with customs and exchange. Though, I do need to order some vegan marshmallows soon, so I might as well add some Nature Burgers to the list...!

bazu said...

That's too bad about the companies being so lazy about bi-lingual labelling. Here in Syracuse, most of our stuff has French as well as English labels. Some places even accept Canadian dollars!

By the way Dreena, I finally tried baking some of your Vive le Vegan cookies, and they came out great! Thank you! I blogged about them.

Anonymous said...

I am fortunate enough to be able to buy the yummy powder in bulk at my health food store Harvest House in Concord, CA! So you might ask yours to do the a tree in packaging.
I love adding things to the mix and using it even for breading!

Unknown said... sells these and there's the whole Fantastic Foods website:

It seems that due to gall bladder issues and other chronic pain issues, I may be forced to be vegan. Good thing I'm used to reading labels and special shopping with a family that contains two Celiacs, two diabetics, a vegetarian (happens to be celiac) and one deathly allergic to red dye # 40 eh?

*sighs* I like being an omnivore.

Anonymous said...

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