Saturday, September 16, 2006

Not a Food Post...

Well, not directly anyhow. I mean, if you are wearing veg message t-shirts, then you're probably eating veg!

I don't normally wander far from the food blogging path, but I had to pop on these t-shirts I bought for our girls on our trip to Newfoundland. I've been wanting to do so for a while, because I especially love our older girl's shirt. She LOVES dinosaurs. Many days you will find her romping around the house in pure T-Rex form (her fav dino).

I saw this decal and thought of her immediately. Now, when I see it, I want the shirt for myself!! I love it, but I think it's best that we are on family outings when she sports this message... not to wear at kindergarten... I mean, she won't be makin' many friends at school wearing this:

If you can't pick out the words it says "MEAT EATERS NEED TO EVOLVE". Ha! Isn't that the BEST??!!

For our 22-month old, I picked up this shirt... too cute:
Now I need a couple of veg shirts for myself - have not a one! I want something fun, with a good message, and in a fitted women's t-shirt.

I may go browse at Herbivore - but I have to go online... those of you in Portland are lucky enough to go shop in their brand new store! Did you know that? Kris has some info and pics from their opening on her blog. You guys in Portland have it very veg-friendly there, I understand. Lucky you! Go on, go shopping!


raising_kahne said...

These are too cute, Dreena! I cant really find any shirts in stores like that, so I guess I will order one ofline sometime. I especially think your little one will be so cute supporting veggie people at such a young age!

Megan the Vegan said...

Meet eaters need to evolve....that's the best veggie tshirt slogan I've ever heard of! Fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Those shirts are really cute.

I don't know how "crafty" you are, but a few of months ago, I was looking at buying a couple of veg message shirts and before I knew it, a couple of shirts (with shipping) had added up to over a hundred bucks. I decided to save the money and make my own veg message t-shirts. I used iron on transfers (which you can buy online or at any large office supply store) and with the new technology these days, they turn out great. If you have a half-way decent color printer, you're all set. They have a couple of types of iron on transfers - one for white shirts and one for colored/dark shirts. They also have a new softer iron on transfer but after reading some online reviews about it, I decided against them (supposedly, not as good looking after a lot of washes unless you hang dry). I wasn't too worried about the "stiffness" of the old iron-on's because my messages are rather small (they don't take up the whole front of the shirt).

I took some cute clip art (free from Microsoft office online), added a few sayings I am particularly fond of, and made up some shirts. Each transfer pack usually comes with 10 sheets of paper, but I found that I could get a couple of messages onto one page. One cool thing about this is that you can put your message anywhere on the shirt. I put one on the bottom right hand corner of a form fitting tee (that I don't tuck in) and I put another on the back (below where my hair falls) with a corresponding message on the front (that I put in the middle of the shirt) and the last one I just put right in the middle of the front of the shirt. I thought it might be cool to also put one on the sleeve but I haven't done that yet. It was really easy and fun and you could probably turn it into a project you could do with your kindergartener. If you have a scanner, you could use a drawing your daughter did.

Just some food for thought.

EatPeacePlease said...

Dreena, these are super-cute! I've never seen the dino one, love it!

As for shirts for you (and me!) I buy organic cotton and or hemp as much as possible. has great stuff (and a super-nice owner named Paul) and Alternative Outfitters online has a bunch of stuff too. You could really just google vegan shirt and you get so many. There are some pretty interesting ones out there.

Carrie™ said...

I love Crystal's idea! Thanks for all the handy tips. It's worse to mail order to Canada. The shipping rates double or triple and it really adds up fast! I don't have any veggie t-shirts either, but now I want a dinosaur one.

Mrs. Carlson said...

Oh you just have to check out They have some great t-shirts there. I have beem waiting for a low credit card month to order one for myself, but it might have to wait until Christmas :) BTW- I have been a cookie-baking fiend (every weekend now) and your coconut carob pecan cookies are awesome! I convert more people every day with your chocolate chip, though ;) (This is Mrs. Carlson, btw - I started my own veg blog, "Where's the Meat?" in response to a graduate school project and to answer the many questions about soy foods. So now I have a double identity ;)

sheryle said...

Portland? Like Oregon? How'd I miss that? Great t-shirts. I gotta find out were the store is....

Emmy said...

What cool shirts you found. And how cool your found the Meat Eaters Need to Evolve one - especially since your daughter loves dinos. It's win-win :)

Michelle said...

my son is also a dinosaur lover, i bet he really would love that first shirt (and insist on wearing it to kindergarten). LOL

kris said...

i love that dinosaur shirt so much! I need to look them up and see if they make an adult size.

Just a warning, doesn't have screenprinted shirts. Jim got me one for my birthday last year that I loved the image of (the animals are to kiss, veggies are to eat one) and it faded and looked horrible after one wash, it was just a cheap iron-on. It's really too bad because they have such cute designs.

I'm so bad, between here, SSOV and Food Fight I have converted my whole t-shirt wardrobe to AR and veggie shirts. I love it!

Candi said...

Ooh, those shirts are too cute! I love the dino too and wish it came in a larger size!

I like your ideas, Crystal! You're so creative!

Vicki said...

love the kid's t-shirts, dreena! i don't have a veg shirt either, and really want one... i'm cravin' the banana ice-cream below! :o)

Harmonia said...

I have been wanting to buy a few shirts...not of the drastic kind to step into stereotypes but of the softer side to prove my the ones you showed. I had a bag but it just hiss.

Oh! a little o/t but I posted a bunch of food pics when you have time.

Thanks for the KID update, btw!!!

Dreena said...

Savanna, she wants to be a "superhero" when "she grows up" so she can teach people not to eat meat and cow's milk... and she is going to "knock down all those junk food stores" (McD's and the like). Whenever she sees my reaction to an ad for meat or people cooking a turkey or something like that - she always says "it's okay mom, because I'm going to be a superhero and take care of all that". Sweet - if only it were that easy.

Megan, I know, it is so cool - I should try and squeeze into her shirt - it's the best!

Vivacious, that is a terrific idea and thank you for giving all that info here for everyone else to look into. I'm not "uncrafty" - I can manage simple crafty projects (though I don't sew or knit), but I could certainly take on some t-shirts and would love to do my own - it's more about carving out the time to actually DO it - that's my trouble right now!!:) Though, I would love to do a couple like you mentioned, with a saying on the back or down the arm - more original, and very customized. We even have a scanner... hmmmm... you've got me thinking about it now! Awesome info, thanks. (oh, and post your t's sometime so we can see them)!!

Leslie, thanks for the recommendations. I am aware of Alt O's, but not of noenemy - will have a peek. As Vivacious and Carrie mention, though, it is *quite* pricey to order from the US. I do need to order some food items though for testing some recipes, so maybe I'll try and do a combo order! oh, btw, I've e-mailed Soy Delicious - will let you know what I find out.

Carrie, I agree - it's very $$$! We should ALL have dino t-shirts - dinos are the best! Our girl always talks about them being "meat-eaters" and "plant-eaters", and since learning about them she always asks if other animals are plant or meat eaters... oh, and if they have babies from eggs or from their bellies - hee, cute stuff.

Hi Mrs. Carlson (I bet you hear that a lot now that school is back)! Thanks for the link, and you know I've visited your blog a couple of times but didn't make the connection - super cool - glad you are blogging with the rest of us now! Oh, I did another test on those cookies the other day (changed something with them), so I'll be e-mailing you soon so you can give them a test run! :)

Yeah, Sheryle... their address is right on their website now - have fun shopping!

Hi Emmy - I know, I DO love them! It was at a screen-print t-shirt store (I think that's what the term is), where you select the image and then pick the shirt to put it on. They had several veggie-type ones so I think other similar stores might have them too!

Hi Michelle! Another fellow dino lover, hey? Is t-rex tops in your house too??!!

Kris, I need to catch up - I have no veggie t-shirts! And, as I just mentioned, these we got at one of those screen-print shops so we just picked out the image and put it on kids' t-shirts - I could have easily put it on one for myself but didn't think about it - doh!

Thanks Candi... hmmm, I think I need to mention in my post that I got the shirts at a t-shirt printing store, because any of us could probably find these and other cool images for t-shirts! I wasn't very clear in my post...! :)

Hi Vicki, we both need to treat ourselves to a cool t-shirt, don't you think? We do enough veggie cooking to have a super fun shirt to wear as well, right?!!

raising_kahne said...

Dreena, I wish it were that easy. I would've 'knocked down' so many fast food places by now. I pretty much refuse to buy from places like that. I hate to eat out(and rerely do) because I cannot really find any that I would trust very much. Plus I would hate to support the badness they're against!

I think it's wonderful you daughter is so smart and compassionate at her age!