Sunday, October 15, 2006

Chocolate Spice Cookies

Really, hasn't it been too long?

I haven't posted about a sweet in oh, a couple of weeks perhaps? Tsk, tsk.

These beauties are in the tested and "finished" pile (yaaay)!

Chocolate Spice Cookies for the new book. I like these a lot. The spicing is light but adds a warmth that complements the bitter dark chocolate, and is especially enjoyable this time of year with cooler weather.

Very yummy with a hot tea, or hot chocolate... or yes, ice-cream. :)


b36Kitchen said...

all i can say about those cookies is that they need to be made into ice cream sandwiches! they look so good!

and to answer your question about all the squash i bought and plans for it here it is:

I made kabocha squash ravioli with a seitan fennel sauce, which i posted on my blog. And i plan on making a soup (YES, A SOUP!) of butternut, lemongrass, tomato and coconut milk. I'm trying to recreate a soup i use to make for a restaurant i worked for but forgot how it was made. I also am going to make a spagetti squash somthing probably with seitan just because i made so much of it the other day and didn't freeze all of it.

have a great day

Julie said...

My goodness! Looks like another wonderful cookie. I can't wait for the new book! :)

maybepigscanfly said...

I have always loved dark chocolate (the greater %cocoa, the better) and hated milk chocolate. Do you have a favorite brand or type of dark chocolate? Oh and what's your favorite tea?- I see that you mentioned enjoying a glass of tea with these cookies. Congrats on putting these into the finished pile!


raising_kahne said...

arrgh! Dreena! Must you tease me with these yummy cookies?! I would love to have some right now! I love cookies with plenty(but not too much)spice! Especially now when the weather down here is(thankfully) becoming cool and feeling like the holidays are setting in. These cookies would totally 'hit the spot'. Oh well, they will be worth waiting for I think! : ) But can you give us one hint, are there a lot of yummy desserts/treats in your new book??

kris said...

Oh Dreena, you're killing me over here! Those look incredible! You can post about sweets anyday!

Dreena said...

Jenna, everything is better with ice-cream imo! :) Your ravioli looks phenomenal... I would have loved to try that dinner - I love fennel as well and that combination sounds beautiful. The soup sounds like it's going to be a winner as well. You are quite creative, and I'm sure your cookery school trainig and all of your culinary experience helps with all those creative juices as well. I have wanted to go to a natural cookery school for years, since getting into my own cooking and writing... maybe once the kidlets are a little older, it's far too much right now! Did you love your experience with the cookery school, btw?

Thanks Julie, and I'll be getting back to you today. :)

Teresa, me too! I love the very bitter dark chocolate. I actually like to have a couple of different types on hand - some around 55% cocoa, and then others around 75% or more! Some of my favorite brands right now are Cocoa Camino, Green & Black's, and Dagoba... though when I do my big batch making of chocolate bark for Christmas, I buy the big baking block from Bernard Callebaut - omg, they are amazing! So silky rich and smooth - everyone loves the bark and I'm sure it's because that chocolate is so exceptional. As for teas, I drink a variety of green teas and Rooibos teas. I buy a lot of loose Rooibos and green teas from a local gal - they are the BEST I've had!

Savanna, you are precious!! I know, it's getting colder here too - I don't think I'd enjoy these cookies AS much in the warmer months... but right now, they are like gold! Oh, and yes, yes, yes, lots of good treats in the cookbook - it wouldn't be a cookbook for me without desserts!!

Thanks Kris, I've been neglecting the sweet teeth among us I think... must get back to work on that :)

Eat Peace Please said...

Dreena, these look amazing. Thanks for posting sweets again! I can't wait to find out the secret spice ingredients.

Harmonia said...

Yea! FAB! So, you'll be mailing these to me tonight, right? jk. ;)

I am planning for our first veg*n potluck on Saturday...I'm going to do your Quinoa Hummus Casserole because I have gotten so much posiive feedback on it. I am going to do some dips and spread and 1 more hummus, too. I'd like to do one more casserole or sidedish...any suggestions? I'm very excited and hope it goes well.

laura jesser said...

Yum! I cannot wait to get that recipe!

Melissa said...

Ooo, I can see myself curled up in front of a fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate (the real stuff) and those cookies! Too bad, I don't have a fireplace...I'll sit in front of my electric heater and eat them though ;)

Isil S. said...

Hi Dreena,
We moved to the UK and I brought TEV with me. I know I'll be able to find some of the ingredients here (which aren't available in Turkey). These days I'm just trying to buy all the kitchen staff needed for baking and some of the missing ingredients. Can't wait to bake some of your cookies or cakes which will be great with tea.

Dreena said...

Thanks Leslie... if I tell you now, will you start using your oven again? (listen to me trying to bribe you!!)

Hi Harmonia! How great, your first vegan potluck... well, I would suggest with what you have planned right now -
(1) a big fresh salad - either very simple with just lots of mixed greens and cherry tomatoes and a simple dressing - Annie's Papaya Poppyseed is a favorite storebought dressing of mine - or a salad with lots of fresh crispy veg like chopped cukes, zukes, tomatoes, peppers, grated carrot, green onions, etc...
(2) since you have beans covered with the casserole and hummus and possibly the other dish, round it out with some artisan breads or make some simple bruschetta.
(3) Another option in addition to, or in place of some of the breads or bruschetta - maybe some roasted potatoes. Very simple, you can get them prepped a little in advance, chop a little, toss in olive oil, sea salt, and fresh rosemary and bake up until golden and tender (usually about 45 min's to an hour at about 400). Simple, and most everyone loves potatoes! A potato salad would also work.
(4) A tofu dish, *if* you think people won't be weirded out by it!!
(5) Dessert!!!! A must-have, of course - I'd go with an ice-cream pie maybe. You can make it now and keep frozen until the potluck! Or other things you can make in advance - keeping it simple. I'll have to check your blog to see what other ideas you've cooked up so far. :)

Thanks Laura!

Melissa, before we had a fireplace, I often sat in front of our electric heater - you reminded me of that. :) I love the warmth, and when I come in from the cold, I need to get a tea and get on the heat (or now, the fireplace - it's gas, so that's super convenient for me)! ahhhhh, toasty comfy warm...

Hi Isil! I'm glad you are settling in... wow, that's a big move to make - esp while pregnant. Sounds like your food shopping and eating choices will be much more accessible and convenient for you - that will help a lot once little babe is born. :) Are you feeling good overall? Not too far away for you now... how exciting!!

Nancy said...

Ooh..those look delicious!

Is Bernard Callebaut(?)baking chocolate? Is it organic? Where can I get me some?

Anonymous said...


spice AND chocolate. can't wait to try these ones!!


Rachel said...