Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Simple Holiday Party Foods

Today on Erik's Diner, I give some tips on how to keep foods simple, yet special, for parties and potlucks now that the holiday season is in full swing.

It's a busy, stressful time for most people. We have errands to run, social events to attend, and countless 'to-do's'. When it comes to getting a dish together for a potluck, or even when hosting your own party, my advice is to keep it simple, but special.

With that, I give you some ideas for easy and festive party foods on Erik's Diner. That's one less thing for you to stress about, because relly, food should be a source of enjoyment this time of year (and not a source of stress)!

After listening to the podcast, go to my Cooking With Dreena blog for some reminders of these ideas. Go on, fuss-free holiday foods* are just two clicks away! Go on, go listen... then go food shopping (yay!!).

*includes a NEW recipe (that someone else has been encouraging you to make) and a prep tip for pomegranates.

Happy cooking, and Happy Holidays guys! :)


hyphen_helena said...

Great! My family's having a holiday party this weekend, actually, so this is perfect timing! It's so easy for the holiday season to become overwhelming, so I love these simple recipies. Ultimately, the important thing is to have fun and enjoy yourself!

Eat Peace Please said...

I first tried pomegranites when I was 8 years old at school. I came home and begged my mom for one. I have loved them ever since.

I absolutely love love love your crepes and maple butter creme, Dreena!!!

Gaia said...

Great tips Dreena, thank you !

Anonymous said...


Looking forward to listening to this- we're having company in this weekend... Actually, I'm making your ginger-pear crumble from Vive! YUMMZ!

I love pomegranates but generally find I have to set an hour aside if I plan to eat one... lol! Is there a trick I don't know? I'm gonna have to try those pom martinis that oprah had the recipe for on her show that one time. :-D


maybepigscanfly said...

Thank you so much for the holiday tips Dreena! Unfortunately I won't be able to listen to the podcast until I go home, since my computer's sound decided to stop working. Ohh but I'm very excited to make the cashew dip!

I know that your book isn't coming out for awhile, but do you know when we're going to be able to pre-order it? (I think I'm getting too anxious)!

...Mmm pomegranates are so yummy!

Julie said...

YES! I am so glad you have posted the recipe for your creamy cashew dip. It looks SO good. I will for sure be bringing it to my Holiday dinner!! Thank you.

This is probably a silly question (I've never eaten one), what parts of a pomegranite are edible?

I appreciate the tip you give about not trying out new recipes when entertaining...I always do this and I have had many disaters!

*a* said...

thanks so much for the cashew dip recipe, Dreena! What a great treat. Just bought some cashew butter at Trader Joe's yesterday...what perfect timing (and, oddly enough, 3 poms, as well!) I must've been riding your brain waves!! Thanks for all the wonderful tips!

bazu said...

Pomegranates are wonderful! And your tips are, too. Fortunately, since I'll be travelling, I'll be attending, rather than hosting, holiday parties. But these are such good ideas to keep in mind- thank you.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the links!

funwithyourfood said...

I have aabout 5 pomegranites. My aunt in Northern CA sent me some from her own tree. My bf had never had one until i broke one openfor up about 2 weeks ago. Crazy huh?

raising_kahne said...

Dreena, I didnt get to comment on the last post, but the chili sounds delicious with the combo of the sweet potatoes and the lentils! Definately a great comfort food!

I have one question about the creamy cashew dip: Our health store only had plain soy yogurt, so do you think it would taste the same if I added a bit of pure vanilla extract??

Dreena said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. Been a crazy few days (well, week actually) so I'm going to address the coupla' questions below. Thanks to all of you though for your super kind notes!! :)

Dayle, is it the prep you're having trouble with? Have you tried the under-water trick? Then I keep the seeds in the fridge for a few days and use in little amounts here and there. Glad you're liking that fruit crisp recipe, btw!

Hi Julie, it's just the seeds that are edible - not the white pith - but all of the seed is edible, including the hard white bit inside - much like how a raspberry has the little bits of seeds under the juicy red portion. Does that make sense?

Savanna, if you use plain yogurt, the dip will be MUCH more tart/sour than if you use vanilla. So, I suggest you sweeten it more with extra agave, and yes, also add a touch of vanilla. Good luck! :)

Julie said...

Thanks Dreena!

summer said...

Dreena, I just made the cashew dip last night and it's amazing! What a simple and delicious recipe. While I'm loving it with apple slices, I'm wondering if you've used it any other way than as a dip. Any ideas for how it could it be incorporated into desserts? Thanks!