Monday, January 22, 2007

No-Recipe Burritos

This weekend I whipped up some quick burritos. I love anything I can wrap into a whole-wheat tortilla and bake up - especially if it's just a little spicy.

Why??? What's so great about this? Well, its:

1) uber-fast
2) great way to eat beans, and can use canned beans/refried beans
3) can sneak some leftovers in there too,
and, one of the biggest reasons I love it...

4) the baked burrito is crisp and crunchy on the outside with a soft filling, perfect for drizzling on a slurry of balsamic vinegar and flax oil.

"Balsamic-Garlic Flax Oil", that is, from Vive. Note: If you have a very clean tasting flax oil (I use Spectrum), you can even omit the garlic and simply combine the oil and vinegar.

Now, I KNOW I've mentioned the balsamic/flax oil slurry before. Many times. Are you guys doing this yet? I'm telling you, it's delicious! It's is THE easiest and most delicious way (imo) to eat flax oil and get those omega 3's. You can use other vinegars in place of the balsamic if you like, but it does taste lovely, and the darkness of the vinegar makes it easy to see the oil to vinegar ratio - so you don't coat your food with too much vinegar - that would be nasty.

It's SO easy to do, and I hesitated to call it a recipe for the book, but I love using it so much that I really wanted to include it in Vive. So, to encourage you all to try this, I'm posting, the "recipe" on my recipes page. Try it drizzled on just about any meal - pizza, casseroles, grain and bean dishes, pastas, or just for dipping bread into. Come on, give it a go!

As for the burrito, this is what I did. I layered on leftover Coconut Lime Rice, then topped that with a quick mash/puree of pinto beans (canned - rinsed and drained), ground cumin, touch of cinnamon, dash of chipotle hot sauce, splash of red wine vinegar, and a few pinches of sea salt. Almost like a refried bean mixture - and you could obviously use a can of those. I also layered in just a scattering of the leftover Sweet and Sour Potatoes.

Then, out of the oven, I drizzled on some Chipotle Oil, paired it with a biggo salad with cherry tomatoes and chopped jicama, and a big dollop of Guacamole Con Agra Marina. At the table, we then drizzled on the balsamic/flax oil.

I love doing these burritos, and you can do many combinations yourselves, either using leftover tofu, roasted veggies, tempeh, seitan, sauteed veggies, grains, cans of beans or refried beans - whatever you have, whatever YOU like!

Oh, and have you seen what Michelle has been cooking? Banana Hazelnut Cream and Crispi Squares, Three-Bean Curry Tomato Soup, and Broccoli-Mushroom-Walnut Phyllo Pie to mention just a few... busy lady, I should have her at my place recipe testing with me. Finally, check out her post about eczema. There's important and useful info here that should be shared with anybody dealing with this skin condition.


laura jesser said...

Dreena, those burritos look so delicious. One thing that I have always loved, and will always love, is a fresh burrito full of different flavors--and this one sounds like it fits the bill so nicely!

I'm glad you brought attention to the balsamic-garlic flax oil. I was just telling Bob yesterday that we need to pick up some flax oil so I can be extra sure I'm getting those omega-3s!

scottishvegan said...

Hi Dreena
I just wanted to comment as I recently bought your book Vive Le Vegan! and have now just found this blog which I am excited about. I am having great fun trying out your recipes and all have turned out great so far. I hope to get The Everyday Vegan soon and look forward to reading through this blog and your new cookbook in the future. I haven’t tried the Balsamic-Garlic Flax Oil yet, but this post has just prompted me to go make some and drizzle it over my dinner tonight…thanks!

maybepigscanfly said...


Those burritos look and sound yummy. I definitely like the ease and speed (and versatility too) of them. What's your favorite burrito filling?

I haven't bought flax oil yet- its always so expensive when I see it at the store. Is it a better source of the omegas than using whole or ground flax seeds? I guess I just didn't realize the high nutritional value of it. Thanks!


Dreena said...

Laura, once you get into the habit of drizzling a little flax oil on your meals - you'll love it, and will want to keep flax oil handy all the time!

Hi Scottish Vegan! Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment. And such a sweet comment! :) I'm so pleased to know you are enjoying Vive. I hope you enjoy the blog too - there are a LOT of archived posts, and if you check out this post from July:, you will see a listing of all the recipes blogged from TEV and Vive up until last July. You can click through and check out some photos of recipes that interest you. I've been meaning to update it since, but haven't had much time with working on this new book! Anyhow, let me know if you ever have q's about my recipes. :)

Thanks Teresa! I love just about anything in burritos - but something with a little kick of spice - not too hot, just enough flavor and spice. I even sometimes put Indian bean dishes along with rice and some chutney in a wrap, it doesn't have to be traditional burrito flavors. As for the flax oil vs. flax seed, well flax seed (ground) is more nutritious overall than flax oil since you are getting the protein, fibre, and lignans in the whole form of the ground flax seed (flax meal) rather than just the oil. But, if you are trying to up your omega-3 intake, flax oil is an efficient way to do so. You'd have to consume probably about 3-4 times the amount of flax meal to equal the essential fatty acids you can get in flax oil. (If you have Becoming Vegan by Vesanto Melina and Brenda Davis, there is a useful chart on p.67 with this info).

Dreena said...
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raising_kahne said...

I love burritos! All the food combanations you are coming up with(coconut lime rice, sweet/sour potatoes!) sound great. I cant wait to try them! I wish flax oil wasnt so expansive, though.

Carrie™ said...

Oh Dreena! Please can I come live with you? Please, please, please? Aren't leftover burritos the best?! I can't wait to make this coconut lime rice. I'm having dreams about it. It would be perfect in Mexican-style wraps. Well, since you're raving about the flax and balsamic, I'll have to break down and try it. You've never steered me wrong yet. I've got some great stuff my naturopath turned me onto. Udo's Oil. Have you ever tried it?
BTW, your cookies were a hit at the LCBO!! One girl liked the chocolate chip ones so much, she took the leftovers home so no one else would eat them. And one of the guys raved and raved about the Choco Mint Melties. YEA!!

TC said...

Those burritos are a good idea. I am newly vegetarian and I am loving all the new ideas I have been getting on what to cook. I made up a recipe yesterday and even it was delicious!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dreena!

I also recently discovered this blog and bought your book (Vive). I love it, especially because it has a few very 'simple' recipes that offer great ways to include (or 'cheat') healthy foods into your diet (like the hemp power shake). I had not tried the Balsamic-Garlic Flax Oil yet, but because of this post I did. I must admit, I did not have high hopes. Flax oil and delicious in one sentence?! I did not believe it. But you were right. It is really good. I actually had to stop myself of eating way too much (it is oil, after all). Thank you so much, my 'struggle' with flax oil is over (and I don't have to throw barely used bottles away anymore)!

A Dutch girl

Michelle said...

yummy.. we love burritos. we especially love Amy's Bean and Veggie Burritos, but it's so hard to spend that money when they are so easy to make at home! and using left overs is always a good thing too :)

scottishvegan said...

I tried the Balsamic-Garlic Flax Oil the other night and it was lovely. Will definitely be making lots more and drizzling all over the place!!

Urban Vegan said...

Burritos are my "I'm-too-tired-to-cook" staple. Thanks for reminding us how versatile they are, by nature.

Julie said...

You know how I love burritos!!

Oh, and I finished testing the muffins...MMM...I'll e-mail you soon.

Dreena said...

Thanks Savanna. Yeah, it's pricey - but it's worth it! Such an abundant source of omega 3's, and really this is one food we shouldn't worry about buying because it's expensive - even non-vegans should be consuming it. Also, I have found that some of the cleaner, better tasting brands are a little more expensive than others - again, for me, totally worth it for the improved taste!

Yeah, Carrie, come over, we'll have a big cooking party! :) I have tried Udo's, it's quite good in that it gives you the perfect blend of essential fatty acids that our bodies need in the correct ratio. (Hemp oil and hemp seed and nut butter also naturally provide this ratio, as a side). I used Udo's during my first pregnancy, but now I stick with flax oil and then also eat walnuts and use hemp products. I just LOVE the Spectrum flax oil! I've had one or two 'off' bottles here and there, and I think that's up to shipping and storage since it needs to be kept cold. I always try to get one as cold as I can closer to the back of the fridge in our health food store!! Lovin' the report on the cookies! I need to land myself on Ellen and show even MORE people how great vegan cookies are - that would take away the 'fear factor' of what vegan eating is!! Ellen's great... love her show... whoa, I've gone off track here, huh??! :)

Hi TC! Congrats on going veg, and keep up with your cooking and creating your own dishes, that's what I did when I first turned veg. Well, there weren't as many offerings as there are today, but still, it allowed me to use my own favorites flavors and ingredients in things I knew I'd like. Then, I branched out more with different and new ingredients and recipes. Know you can ask q's here or by e-mail if you need help with anything... and keep going...!! :)

Hi 'Dutch girl'... I LOVE that report!! I may have to use your quote about eating too much of it in my next post. That's what happens with us... it DOES taste great on most meals, and you can just keep pouring it on!!

Michelle, we love those Amy's burritos too. I'm the same way, and I'll stock up on them when there's a good sale on, but mostly I'll make burritos myself.

Cool, Scottish Vegan!! Keep pourin' it on! We need to convince everyone else now... :)

UV, ditto on that! Esp if I've been testing desserts or other foods during the day, burritos make it to the table for dinner!!

Hi Julie, can't wait to hear how the muffin making went!! :)

Lucy said...

My co-detoxing friend celebrated her birthday yesterday and since we are restricted on what we can eat I thought I would treat her to your 2-layer raspberry and chocolate birthday cake. It came out perfectly! Even non-vegans at the party were impressed with it. I wish that I had taken a picture of it. But it didn't last that long... ; ) We have a blog and often talk about the recipes we are making- including yours, and of course have a link to your site. I hope we can encourage people to pick up your books and start eating healthier!

funwithyourfood said...

Burritos are my favorite quick meal. To me there's nothing better than beans rice and a little avocado. mmm


Anonymous said...