Sunday, May 27, 2007

Chi Cake

Time to lighten things up a little after all this Planck business, and get back to food.

I'd like to take credit for this, but it's not my creation. This is Chi Cake, a vegan cheesecake available in Vancouver. I mentioned it before, but had forgotten to snap a photo.

This cake is not only vegan, but the crust is also gluten-free! There are three flavors of Chi Cake available. My fave? It's a toss-up between the New-York (lemon-vanilla; pictured) and Chocolate Hazelnut. I like a sauce with this type of rich dessert, so I like that the lemon has an organic berry topping. But, when I order the chocolate-hazelnut flavor, I whip up a quick sauce of my own.

Chi Cake is smooth and creamy, and light in texture, unlike some vegan cheesecakes that can be thick, dense and 'tofu-ish'. This particular cake we ordered for our daughter's birthday. She loves it (well, we all do) and she was super-excited about it. (Yeah, yeah... me too. Alrighty, I had baked cupcakes and a dino cake for her kindergarten class and birthday party - I deserved a break - and some Chi Cake, already!)

You can pick up slices of chi cake in different veg restaurants and cafes in Vancouver. You can also order whole cakes from the owner, Alan Munro.

Side Note: Anyone in Vancouver looking to rent commercial kitchen space for prepping/testing/packaging vegan foods? Alan mentioned that he has a new, 1800 sq. ft. kitchen that is the first (to his knowledge) all-vegan kitchen in Vancouver. You can contact Alan if you're interested.

I know, a very Vancouver-specific post, but you know, you can still look at the picture. And imagine.


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Mindy said...

Wow, that looks amazing. And I was just in Vancouver a week ago. Sob.

Unknown said...

Funny... I saw "Chi" and read "Chai". I thought this was going to be a vegan chai-flavored cake. But this looks tasty as well!

Carrie™ said...

WAAAAA!!! Why does all the good stuff have to be out west?? So totally not fair!

Dreena said...

Oriecat, put it on your 'to eat' list for your next trip here!!

Doug, well funny enough that Alan had been experimenting some time back with a holiday chi cake that was very much like a chai flavor - 'chai chi cake'... that's a mouthful!

Hiya Carrie, well you know sometimes I see posts from folks in Ontario and other parts east of here with some products we don't have and I'm like "hold up, why don't we have that here?!!". For instance, I think you have this "Yoso" soy yogurt which we don't have. Let's not get started on all the fab products in the US...!!

Anonymous said...

Oh! Heaven! God? Is that you? ;) lol


Anonymous said...

A vegan cake.....this looks real yummy!Happy belated birthday wishes for your daughter!I'm sure she enjoyed it.Take a look at some exciting birthday ideas on my blog.Cheers!

n/a said...

That cheesecake looks heavenly! And your soup up above looks awesome as well.