Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tea and Scones

Get your tea and enjoy a Raspberry Chocolate Chip Scone.

These I made for our kindergarten mother's day tea. It was such a sweet morning, with the kids singing for us, and each child giving their moms little handmade gifts, and everyone playing some games to win a prize. The teachers at our kindergarten are unbelievably fantastic. They are beautiful people, and so enthusiastic, energized, and loving with all the children - every day.

Also, whenever there is a food-related event at school, the teachers check in with me to see if the foods are okay or if there is something I'd like to bring. For the mother's day tea, the teachers made a variety of scones with the children, and so asked if they could make some vegan scones. How cool are they?! I brought in all the ingredients measured out for them and printed the recipe.

I made a batch of scones at home as well, to ensure we had enough for everyone. Here they are before baking, just cut on the counter (dusted with flour).

The scones were a hit, and my daughter scarfed down two (we are, of course, known for our etiquette at these affairs)! :) I also brought along my Celestial Cream to serve with the scones, and a raspberry sauce... and HOLY! The combo of the scones with the two sauces was amazing! All recipes will be in Eat, Drink and Be Vegan.

These scones are also wheat-free, and I give an Walnut-Date option (on right) in the recipe. This one is also delicious, and I especially like them with a touch of ground cardamom in the batter.


Veg-a-Nut said...

Oh, I can't wait for the book. I love your other two, thank you! These scones are going to be one of the first things we try when we get our hands on this book. I love scones. It is something about the texture and the versitility.

Awesome teachers! You are certainly blessed.

Do you have an estimate date for your new book yet?

kimbelina said...

Those look delicious! Can't wait for the book to be available.

Courtney B said...

YUM...Those look so tasty I can't wait to try them!
I just took the Blueberry Bounty Buns from Vive out of the love love them (I make them once a week) !!!

Keep up the good work !!!!!

laura jesser said...

Wow, what a lovely spread for a Mother's Day tea! I'm sure it was so sweet... and I have to say again that I can't wait for this book! I've really enjoyed catching up on the last 2 weeks of your blog--the good, the bad, and the ugly. You're one incredible lady!

Michelle said...

those scones look lovely... i'm so glad the kindergarten teachers are so great! my son's JK teacher was like that.. always warning me if they were going to cook or eat something at school, so i can pack him his own vegan version, and not be left out. this year, the SK teacher had agreed to do the same, and yet, a week ago, she gave kaeden *ice cream*, and then, when i talked to her about it, she sounded like she had no clue that not only is kaeden allergic to dairy, but he's freaking VEGAN! grrr, for sure. i even had vegan ice cream in the freezer, it would be oh so easy for me to pack a scoop for him. (kaeden, on the other hand, just assumed it was vegan ice cream, because why would anyone give him dairy!?).

woo, rant aside.. wanted to let you know that my review of the everyday dish is finally up!

Harmonia said...

YUMMY! :) Gimme, Gimme! lol

I posted about 15 recipes on my blog today along with a bunch of others stuff...transferring a slew of stuff over for when we close Veggin' Out! Swing by when you can!!!

Any new news on the NEW BOOK?

maybepigscanfly said...

Ooooh- now I really want to go to a tea party. That is too cute and it's so great that the school is so open and accommodating. I'm excited that they're wheat free too. I bet they would also be good with blueberry.

Were there lost of fun teas to choose from?


Kate said...

Oh wow, these looks amazing!

Carrie™ said...

Yum! Yum! Yum! Love scones & with raspberries & CHOCOLATE added...even better!!

Dreena said...

Thanks guys... you can bake these scones soon - in time for the cold fall/winter weather!!

Veg-a-nut - Thanks, and yes, I feel very, very fortunate to have the teachers that we have! The book is scheduled for fall publication. We are gearing towards the book being on the shelves in October, but this sometimes means Nov in certain areas.

Courtney - I'm so happy those blueberry buns make for a quick weekly bake! These are just as easy to make, just one extra step to shape the dough on the counter and then cut. But, other than that, ez! :)

Laura - ha, it has been a bit of the good, the bad and the ugly!! Funny. By the way, my big congratulations on your graduation and receiving your masters degree. Your cap and gown photo is adorable - you look very happy and so you should be, that is quite an achievement... hooray for you!!

Michelle - man, that's frustrating with the jk situation. Some people really don't 'get' the dairy connection. Like milk is out but an ice-cream is okay. And of course kids don't really know the difference with a cow ice-cream treat or a soy ice-cream treat. It's mostly sugar, afterall, and just tastes sweet. You may find he starts asking the teachers as he gets just a little older. Our daughter just in the last 10-12 months started asking "is there meat in this" (with everything - popsicles, ice-cream, etc), or "does this have cow milk"? Kaeden may start educating the teachers!! Thanks for the review of the dvd. That's really terrific. You really have done a lot of cooking in the last week or so, I can't believe how much you are doing with how busy you must be with your kids and the daycare kids and being preggo. Hats off to you, my dear, you're a dynamo! It's so great to see that you enjoyed a lot of the dishes too, and found them pretty easy to make. Thank you again... :)

Harmonia - wow, you have been busy with recipe - a lot of raw too. Have you been eating mostly raw these days? Cool! The book is still scheduled for Oct/Nov, and we should have a cover to put out there soon!

Teresa - it was so sweet, the kids loved it and everyone had their special tea cups. Very 'fancy', you know! For teas, we mostly all had Earl Grey, and the kids had iced tea or water. I don't normally drink Earl Grey, I'm so attached to my green and rooibos teas (and mint), but I did like it!

3veggies said...

Funny, I recieved a call from my daughters teacher the other day. They had a special teacher come in to cook with the kids and called to ask if beef broth was ok, since my daughter has said she doesn't eat meat. DUHHHH!
My b-day is in Sept so I am hoping for the book as a late gift. As much as I don't like the cold your book is the only reason I am looking forward to it.


Melissa West said...

MMmmmm nothing like scones and tea. I love the idea of serving them with that amazing celestial cream, which I had the pleasure of recipe testing! Can't wait for that new cook book! It is going to be a must have for any vegetarian or vegan! Thanks for creating so many great recipes for us!

Roxy said...

I can't wait for the new book, Dreena! I finally got The Everyday Vegan and love it! Thanks for all the wonderful and creative recipes.

Urban Vegan said...

looks like a good reason to get my butt out of bed ;)

Dreena said...

3veggies, that's VERY frustrating. How can that connection be missed?! Seems obvious, but then almost every vegetarian type soup I've asked about in restaurants (lentil soup, minestrone, etc) contains chicken broth. It's like there is no thought about the broth, as long as the rest of it is veggie. Poor you!! Thank you for that very sweet comment - I don't like cold weather either, so yeah, we need the treats to get us through!!

Thanks Melissa, that's super lovely of you. :)

Hi Roxy, cool... glad you're having fun with the recipes. Let me know if you want suggestions for 'faves' or have any questions.

Urban Vegan, you're a 'cheeky' one!

Anonymous said...

Just trying to eat more raw...not completely raw...heck I still have problems with completely

Can't wait for the book!