Monday, February 16, 2009

Sugar-Free Chocolate Cake with Sugar-Free Cashew Frosting

Still with the baked goods, I know, I know. But, I'm on a baking kick right now. You'll understand why soon. Plus, any of you remember this post? Yep, I took recipe requests... and, I haven't forgotten about them! I had quite a few requests for (1) a sugar-free cake (and chocolate cake) recipe and (2) a sugar-free (and also soy-free) frosting recipe. Yes, you guys do like to put me to the test - but I enjoy the challenge!

So, here you have a Sugar-Free Chocolate Cake with a Sugar-Free Cashew Frosting!! When I say sugar-free, obviously a sweetener is involved, but in this cake there is NO granulated sugar of any kind. Ditto for the cashew frosting!

As for the draping of chocolate you see... well, I had some chocolate ganache in the fridge, and I just couldn't resist adding it to the slice. It was heavenly! Pure nutty chocolatey gooey sweet sticky indulgence! Alas, the chocolate ganache is not sugar-free, but it gave me the idea to do a cocoa options with the cashew frosting. The next time I test this, I'll try it with the cocoa-cashew frosting version. The cake itself really surprised me. The texture was incredibly moist and satisfying, and while not as sweet as other chocolate cakes, it certainly is sweet enough for a special occasion cake, especially with the frosting combination. I think the cake would also be particularly good with a fruit sauce, like a cherry or strawberry. I'll have to wait for summer for that!

Before I sign off, if any of you remember, and are wondering, about that angel food cake that I agreed to tackle... ugh. I confess... I'm not having much fun testing that one (many a batch tossed in the bin)! So, I'm not making any promises for that just yet! Be back again soon, enjoy the chocolatey pics. :)


Alisa - Frugal Foodie said...

That looks fantastic!

Sanja said...

How on earth do you stay so slim with treats like this in the house...? ;-)

veggievixen said...

oooh, looks heavenly.

Anonymous said...

I drool. I'm such a sucker for chocolate anything, so I'm excited to try this! Would you please post on Raw People so I can share this with others?

HayMarket8 said...

This looks soo good. I had totally forgot about cashew frosting as an option for my cakes! Yum!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous cake! I love the melty, gooeyness of it all =)

Good Luck with an Angel Food cake! I've been dying to try a vegan version!

ebeans said...

That looks SOOO good!

Animal-Friendly said...

That sounds amazing! My mom and I have had to start eating less sugar for medical reasons, so a cake recipe like this is ideal!

I'm sure a recipe for a vegan angel food cake must be frustrating, but once you perfect it, you will totally be a hero :)

Ruby Red Vegan said...

I am convinced that no one would need angel food cake after seeing pictures of your most current masterpiece! Chocolate? Cashews?? Sugar-free?!? Oh my gosh, you totally have my attention! I can't wait for this recipe...and I am totally wondering how it would turn out as cute little cupcakes. (The ganache looks sooo good, too!)

Laci said...

Wow, suger free vegan cake and frosting!? sounds and looks delicious... I've been experimanting with fruit sweetend but just ahven't made the cut... I try to use adgave nectar, maple syrup or evporated cane juice to sweeten baked goods. I love the "I'm on fire baking" cause I know your finalized creations are always winners, atleast in my house! :)Looking froward to the recipe... If you know, when are you planning to release your next book? I'm dying here! ;)

Vegan On Stage said...

wow... that cake is that gooey... chocolatey...drippy... and its sugar free how is that possible!!!!

The Voracious Vegan said...

Just looking at those pictures is making my head spin. I am trying to resist licking the screen of my laptop. AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

I really wish I could eat that cake right now.

Alice Leonard said...

I've been toying with the idea of trying to make angel food cake too! Have to live up to my company name!

Anonymous said...

will you ever share the recipes or are these for the next book?

Vegyogini said...

Thanks, Dreena...I was wondering about the angel food cake! Cashew frosting sounds so yummy. Keep up the good work. :)

Eating Consciously said...

so, what is this sweetener?

I ♥ puggies said...

Chocolate cake is the best thing in the world. I nearly gobbled a whole cake by myself over the weekend....

I admire your creativity and willingness to tackle such big challenges! Good luck with the angel food cake! :D

aTxVegn said...

That cake looks outstanding!

Alyson said...

Def want to try this cake!

Baking = happiness.

Mel said...

I'm really sad there's no recipe for this one. Or is this for the next book?

Christine Witkowski said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Christine said...

Yeah for sugar-free vegan treats! Not to spoil the recipe if it is a surprise, but I am wondering if the sweetener is diabetic friendly (like stevia instead of maple syrup)? Thanks Dreena!

Judy's Nutrition said...

Mmm mmmm this looks good! I am always intrigued by sugar free baking...

Dreena said...

hiya guys! I'm quite late getting back to some of your questions... anyhow... here we go!

Sanja, my husband often beats me to it! :) Seriously, though, I do consume so much fresh foods and whole grains, beans, etc through the day that I think it helps balance out my sweet tooth! And, I do exercise too - desserts are worth it. ;)

Anonymous, you are welcome to link back to my blog for any posts that I have - I don't have the recipe posted for this yet though, sorry.

eating consciously & Christine - for my testing so far I've used agave nectar in the frosting - sorry Christine, I don't think this is very diabetic friendly??

...and, for the remainder of questions about my cookbook and when you can get your paws on the recipes... well, I truly don't have a release date for you at this point, unfortunately. I do realize how much of a tease it is for me to post all these new recipes and you aren't able to try them out yourself, so pls stay tuned for a post in the next couple of weeks - I will give you all a chance to vote on which new recipe I will post on my recipe page - hurray!! :)

nora said...

Hey Dreena! I kind of want to enter a baking contest for fun, and I also want to improve my knowledge of baking so I can make stuff up in the future and be I was wonderign, how do you go about developing a baked goods recipe? How did you learn the basic template or proportions of wet to dry and how do you know how much baking soda/powder to use or which of the 2? I guess I'm just looking for some basic premises of baking that I can build off of! Thanks :)

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Alison Setton said...

Hi - where is the actual recipe for the sugar free chocolate cake?

Anonymous said...

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