Saturday, October 10, 2009

Turkey Shmurkey

Canadian Thanksgiving is this weekend, and my new T/S piece has my thoughts on turkey dinners... and some links to recipes so you can make a truly tasty, memorable, healthy and compassionate Thanksgiving. (The article includes one of my new recipes - Truffled Cashew Cheese).

And, my apologies for getting this Thanksgiving post out so late in the weekend. I wanted to get it finished for Friday, but boy, it's been a witch of a week!

Happy Thanksgiving... eat up, vegan style!


Anonymous said...

Dreena, I LOVE reading your true/slant articles! I'm not doing anything for thanksgiving this year (am I the only one that thinks it's a pretty arbitrary seeming holiday?), but I'm totally chowing down on as much squash/chestnuts/cranberries as I can before the 'season' is up! :) -Eve

VeganLisa said...

Happy Thanksgiving Dreena. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family.

aimee said...

Thanks so much for the recipe, Dreena. Anything with truffle oil is a big hit with me (so much flavor and so much cheaper than actual truffles!) I can't wait to try this!

Colleen said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Vegan hubby and I had to break bread with his omni family yesterday, which I was really nervous about. But they made about 5 different vegan dishes for us and kept the dead bird sort of hidden. Also, as I posted to you on the Facebook, they loved the pumpkin cheese pie - with the celestial cream. Really, I could eat that celestial cream with a spoon.

Kara said...

Great post, Dreena. I saw on my calendar that today is Thanksgiving in Canada, so I was looking forward to your Thanksgiving post! P.S. - Here in Louisiana we say dressing, too. Except ours is made with cornbread. Happy Thanksgiving!

Dreena said...

aw, thanks taleoftwovegans! And I agree about Thanksgiving - growing up I remember very little about Thanksgiving, I think we've only caught on to Thanksgiving in the last 10 yrs or so in Canada, following US customs I believe... still, it gave us a reason to plan a dinner with my sister and her family, and that's always fun!

Thanks Lisa... hope you had a lovely weekend too!

Aimee, I've never tried whole truffles - I'd love to. I adore truffle oil, though it was repulsive to me while pregnant - but then, many things were!!

Colleen, wow, pretty good that your family made that many vegan dishes for you - and did their best not to focus on the turkey. We haven't had that experience for many years now (having to share a holiday meal with others that are eating turkey), would be odd for us to do so now. Anyhow, thanks for the note... I love the Celestial Cream too - and haven't made it in a while... hmmm, it's been too long actually. ;)

Thanks Kara! Our "dressing" is very traditional from growing up in Newfoundland - made with breadcrumbs and is seasoned (quite a lot) with dried savory... I will always say dressing I think, no matter how long I'm around others that say stuffing. (and it sounds much more appetizing!)

Julia said...

Dreena thank you for your thoughts on Thanksgiving. I have my family Thanksgiving gathering coming up next month and I dread sitting around the dead carcass. Your chickpea tart looks amazing and I think I'll bring that as an alternative this year :)

Lacey said...

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