Saturday, November 21, 2009

Kids, You Gotta Feed 'Em

From nursing, to making baby food, to cooking and baking for the family... it's close to a full-time gig keeping this crew fed! And, while I know our girls will joke about my kitchen habits in years to come, at least they won't have stories about "Fraser Meatballs".

What? Haven't heard of, or had the (mis)fortune to try, Fraser Farm Meatballs? Click through to learn more about this food production atrocity... and to read more of my motherhood musings.


bazu said...

Thanks, Dreena! I'm going to have nightmares about those "meatballs" now! ;-)

denise said...

Oh, God! "mechanically separated chicken?!?!" That is the first ingredient in those icky meatballs. I know I ate a lot of horrifying foods as a child, and I'm glad when my kids think back on the staple foods of childhood black bean tacos will be the first thing on their mind :)

Dreena said...

Bazu, believe, me, it's worse when you've actually eaten them!

Denise, it's horrendous just reading those ingredients - I feel nauseous thinking about that 'mechanically separated' process. Black bean tacos sound mighty good as a childhood memory - in fact, sounds like something I should get to making for dinner soon!

Dani said...

great article. Those meatballs sounds repulsive!!

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