Sunday, December 20, 2009

Roast Beast Is A Feast I Can't Stand In The Least

So, what do we eat for Christmas?  Go get the entire menu in my latest true/slant article.  I also talk about this dinner in a recent interview with the Toronto Vegetarian Association.  I so enjoy chatting with the folks from TVA.  This time it was with Lisa and Colleen, and as lovely as they are, I manage to corrupt the conversation with stories of our 'drunken Santa' family tradition (don't worry, we've made him 'clumsy' these days), and also our PJ Fairy.  What?  She hasn't visited your home?  It's time for you to meet this cozy winter fairy. ;)  Get it all in the interview.  (btw, feel free to 'buzz up' any of my t/s posts that you fancy!)

For more chit-chat about celebrating the holidays vegan-style, check out Dr. Melissa West's Returning to the Body Mind show on December 23rd at 11 am EST/8 am PST at  If you can't catch it live, the show will be available here on Christmas Eve.

That should fill your Santa boots for now!  Have a warm and wonderful Christmas and holiday season everyone... be back in the New Year!  xo and ho ho ho!


HayMarket8 said...

Have a nice time!

Michal said...

Have a merry christmas!

erik said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family! Have a nice Holiday!
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Stefania said...

Have a merry and restful Christmas. All the best in 2010.

Dreena said...

Thanks guys. :)

Stefania, I wish you a lovely Christmas as well... and some relaxing times with your family. xo

nilegip said...
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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoyed the food you had for dinner because I enjoyed mine!
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adam said...

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Amari said...
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Amari said...

I made truffles and spiced nuts from ED&BV last night for my new years eve party, both were a huge hit! Thanks for the delicious recipes, check out my blog Eat Chic at for the recipe reviews and pictures! happy new year!

Stefania said...

For NYE I made your rawsome nut dip (ED&BV) and stuffed jumbo pasta shells with it. I also made your walnut-pecan balls and balsamic maple dressing for our salads. The dinner was a hit.

Dreena said...

Yay Amari and Stefania! Recipe successes for both NY's parties - wonderful! Thanks for letting me know. I need to make those walnut pecan balls again soon myself, Stefania... sometimes wonder what else I could do with them - did you serve them with pasta or another way?

Stefania said...

I served them alongside pasta (jumbo shells), however, Hubby suggested a sweet & sour sauce so the walnut-pecan balls could be served as an appetizer. I was thinking of making them smaller and throwing them in a simple soup with broth and noodels like my mom used to make or tucked inside lasagna (another mom idea).

Dreena said...

Stefania, I never thought about a s&s sauce... like that... and also, in lasagna - that's brilliant, would make it so hearty, have to give that a try! Love getting ideas from other people!! :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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