Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Hiya guys.  Quick note to let you know that I am changing my e-mail.  Please note that my new e-mail is:


I'll be back soon with some foodie stuff, and also a new giveaway!

And, I just made some insanely good chocolate hazelnut ice cream.  That has nothing to do with anything here, but I'm eating it as I type, so that made it relevant. Nummy! :D
Beyond the unhealthy influence that our demand for factory-farmed meat has in the area of food-borne illness and communicable diseases, we could cite many other influences on public health: most obviously the now widely recognized relationship between the nation's major killers (heart disease, number one; cancer, number two; and stroke, number three) and meat consumption or, much less obviously, the distorting influence of the meat industry on the information about nutrition we receive from the government and medical professionals. (Source: Eating Animals, Jonathan Safran Foer)


TRISTA said...

I listened to this [http://www.culinate.com/articles/opinion/eating_animals "book on CD"], and even though I thought I knew all about it, many of the facts shocked me. I've been vegan a while (thanks to your books that I recommend to everyone I know), but this book made me feel like that's not enough, like I somehow need to do more.

Anonymous said...
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