Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Recipe Post: Chickpea Sunflower Burgers

At last, edits to the Chickpea Sunflower Burgers are done, and the recipe is posted.

Reminder that these burgers are firmer than some of my other patties and burger recipes.  I specifically wanted to make a patty that would hold up on its own to eat in a bun or otherwise (as I mentioned in the burger post sometime ago).  Also, though sunflower is in the title, I've been subbing pumpkin seeds recently and loving those even more.  Up to you which you want to use!

Okay, get your condiments ready and your home fries in the oven, and gobble up!

Note:  I received an e-mail from someone about where I shop for groceries, etc.  I'm so sorry, but I seem to have lost your e-mail.  If you're out there, and know it was you, please e-mail again! :D 

(Next post: I have the most deliciously exciting book review - and it's not a cookbook!)
Animal fat is an obvious problem.  It was designed by nature specifically to store calories. .... Many people have the misconception that if they trim the fat off the outside of a piece of meat, they have got rid of its fat.  ... Imagine that you took a sponge and poured oil into it, soaking the sponge with grease.  Now, if you were to take one paper towel after another and wipe off the surface of the sponge, you would remove some grease, but the sponge would still be saturated with it.  This is about what happens when people try to trim the fat from meats.  You can remove some of the external fat, but it is impossible to remove the fat that permeates the cut of the meat.  ... At its lowest, beef is still around 30 percent fat, which is several times the fat content of grains, vegetables, beans, and fruits. "Lean meat" is a contradiction in terms.  (Source: Food for Life)


herfancy said...

It's lunchtime here right now and so wishing I had one of these instead of the lunch I've brought!

vegAnn said...

these look delicious! I will definitely try them this week!

Erika said...

Can you tell me what sized can of chickpeas you are using for this recipe, the 398ml or 796ml? Thanks! I love your recipes and I look forward to trying this one too.

Dreena said...

Erika, I use a 398ml (14 oz) size, which is about 1 3/4 cups. hope you enjoy...!

Erika said...

These were absolutely delicious! My husband and I ate the full batch for lunch wrapped in lettuce leaves (I am trying to avoid wheat)with thick slices of tomato. We cooked them on the bbq. Mmm! Amazing.