Friday, October 15, 2010

"Instant" Steel Cut Oats!

Okay, so most of us know that steel cut oats are uber-healthy, right?  And, we've heard about how they are one of the best breakfasts to sustain a steady energy through the morning.  But, they take some time to cook when you are undoubtedly rushing in the mornong!  And, if you have some picky eaters (not that I do of course, just sayin'), then I have a quick-fix-save-your-butt-time-and-picky-proof solution!

I DO!  Really, truly do.  Here it is, my recipe for "Instant" Steel Cut Oats.  Now you can cook your oats, and eat 'em too. 

I really hope you enjoy the recipe.  Feel free to link/share, and get that blender going guys.  This trick will save you plenty of time.  Link through for the full details! 


Erin said...

Genius! I don't eat oatmeal because I don't like the texture, but I think I would definitely like it prepared this way. Thanks!

TJ said...

Thank you for this, I've used this twice now. Now I don't have any excuse to go without breakfast on busy mornings. :-)

Lindsay said...

I have been meaning to make this forever. I have a ton of steel cut oats just sitting around becuase I'm too lazy and tired in the morning to make something that requires any thought.

Bonnie said...

YAY!!! I try to feed my 4 little kids oatmeal most mornings but by the time steel cut oats are done, everyone is starving and cranky. Plus this seems much easier to clean up if thrown on the floor than all those separate granules!
I can't wait to try it!