Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Amy's Goodies... and a Giveaway!

We've always been big fans of the Amy's line of products. When we first turned vegan, oh-so-many years ago, it was Amy's that offered the first storebought options for us. The Roasted Vegetable Pizza was one of the first items available in our stores, along with California Burgers. Their Veggie Loaf took me through a good portion of my second pregnancy (and I still like it!), and now the Baked Beans and Alphabet Soup are absolute favorites with our kids.

Amy's T-shirt (blue) and Tote bag!
While we don't have access to the full range of products here in Canada, I love to see the new items Amy's has developed in response to the changing demands of vegan and vegetarian consumers, such as their Single Serve Non-Dairy Rice Crust Cheeze Pizza, and the new Sonoma Veggie Burgers (quinoa-based)!

So, when Amy's offered to send me some goodies, needless to say I was tickled pink!  I received some product coupons, a t-shirt and tote bag (both of which I love, wear, and use) and some other neat treats including these... coolest... magnets... EVER.  Okay, our girls giggled silly when they saw these magnets, and I think they are the most fun a fridge door can have!
Coolest magnets, yes indeedy!

Best part of this is... you also have a chance to win a goodie pack!  Yep, step right up, enter a comment on this post (how about naming your favorite 2 Amy's products?), and I will select a random entry within a few days.  (Contest open to US and Canadian residents only; only one comment per person eligible.) 

Amy's, thank you for this giveaway and for all the years you have fed our veggie bellies!  :)


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Paige said...

Spinach feta pocket and california veggie burgers

jarlene said...

new vegan here! it has been one month since i chose the Vegan lifestyle and i absolutely love it! it feels a little lonely though as i have ppl around me make negative and ignorant was your experience when you decided to become Vegan, what have you wise ...where to eat out? im from CT.. thank you!

SteveDep said...

oh thank goodness for amy's dairy free mac and cheese...i'm about 3 mon. pregnant and have been dying for mac and cheese but unfortunatly i'm allergic to casein ( a milk protein) I am sooo happy for the mac and cheese!

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