Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Goodies: Chocolate Bark, Chocolate Truffles, Chocolate Mint Melties, and Coco-Cocoa

Did someone say chocolate?  We've arrived... the season of chocolate.  (Not that there's any off-season!)

But, when the holidays come we have all these reasons to bake, create, cook - and eat!  Chocolate!  Dark chocolate please.  Not only does it have those antioxidants, that inherently dark, slightly bitter taste is intoxicating when you adjust from milk chocolate.  Interestingly, though I used to love milk chocolate years ago, I wouldn't care for it now.  Even very delicious vegan milk chocolates... they're wonderful, but I find them sickly like milk chocolate.

These recipes are not new as such - they are either in my current books or I've posted them before.  But, I know that they have been loved by others for gifting (as well as enjoying all your own), so I am sharing them again...

First up, Chocolate Mint Melties from eat, drink & be vegan
Chocolate Mind Melties (foreground) photo credit: alive magazine
These are made with spelt flour, so are wheat-free but not gluten-free.  They have a light, minty flavor against the dark cocoa, and are not overly sweet.  They are lovely for parties or gifting.  And, you can pair up with the Gluten-Be-Gone Homestyle Chocolate Chip cookies (background) if you like!
This bark is one of my own Christmas traditions.  I make it every year and gift it to family and friends.  The combination of roasted almonds, chopped ginger, and dried cranberries is beautiful.  Though, there are many other combinations you can try (some are suggested in the recipe).  And, with a high-cocoa dark chocolate, the bark is intense but still melt-in-your-mouth delicious.  Be sure to use a high-quality bakers chocolate for this exquisite treat.

And, if you want more chocolate confections, here are Unbelievably Rich Chocolate Truffles from ed&bv.
Now, when I said the bark melts in your mouth, well, that is if you don't compare it to these truffles!  These remind me slightly of 'icy cups', though not nearly as sweet and far more rich and with a deeper chocolate flavor.  But, the coconut milk gives the truffles that melt-y quality.  Be sure to refrigerate these, as they are very soft at room temperature.

And for my final chocolate treat, some Hot Coco-Cocoa, also from ed&bv
photo from
This luxurious hot cocoa will warm you from your nose to your toes!  It uses a light coconut milk to give it a more velvety texture without being too heavy.  Kids will love it, guests will love it.

And, okay, I cannot leave without giving you something festive that isn't chocolatey.  So, I have reposted my Gingerbread Folks from my newest book Let Them Eat Vegan - out this Spring guys!
My readers had been asking for a recipe that was (1) wheat-free, and (2) margarine-free.  So, here they are... your healthier, but altogether fabulously delicious Gingerbread Folks!

I really hope you enjoy making, sharing, and eating these holiday recipes.  Christmas blessings to you. :)


Jessica said...

Dreena, I just wanted to let you know that this past weekend I threw a vegan holiday cocktail party for all my omni friends. Your Mediterranean bean burgers were on the menu (made into "sliders"), and everyone loved them. I also had your homestyle chocolate chip cookies. One person said to me, "If all the stuff you made is vegan, then who brought these cookies?" A high compliment from an omnivore, indeed. Thank you so much for your fabulous recipes. You helped make my party a huge success!

Dreena said...

Hi Jessica, that sounds like it was fun, I'm totally missing out on vegan potlucks and parties it seems! What a great idea to make the burgers into sliders. That's clever, esp for an appetizer/cocktail type of do. And, yep, that's great stuff to hear about the cookies. It's funny, huh, when you get that kind of response and realize that a lot of people think we don't eat any of those things, like cookies, or pizzas, cakes, or chocolates. Yes, yes we do! Thank YOU for sharing my recipes at your party, and also this feedback. Most lovley. :)

Sophia said...

Lucky people to be receiving such yummy sounding/looking chocolate bark! I love giving homemade goodies as gifts too!


Clotilde M/Craftybegonia said...

Those gingerbread folks look wonderful and so much fun for the kids!

Elena said...

So much fun! I like the gingerbread cookies!