Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Thai Chick-Un Pizza

Pizza. The Italian classic has crossed over into just about every cuisine. Including Thai. You've probably heard of 'Thai Chicken Pizza' from specialty pizza shops. I take this pizza down the vegan path with Thai Chick-Un Pizza from ED&BV.

I simplify my life by using a prepared whole-wheat pizza crust. But, if you want to make your own crust - by all means go for it! Then, the peanut sauce is slathered on the crust. Before baking, some toppings are added. First, lightly squished (or you can keep them whole) chickpeas, slices of crisp red pepper and juicy cubed pineapple. Of course, if you'd like to use faux chicken strips in place of the chickpeas, you can do so. For me, I enjoy keeping this pizza truly 'Chick-un', so chickpeas are my choice. Sliced green onions are added for the last minute or so, and then after baking, the bean sprouts are sprinkled over top, along with the optional cilantro and/or peanuts. That's it! Not too difficult, right?

I've wanted to post about this pizza for a loooong time. As you can see, though my picture wasn't *quite* as pretty. Just as lip-smackin' tasty... just not as good-lookin'! Knowing we'd be photographing this recipe for the cookbook, I held back. But, it was hard to - I've been anxious to share details on this pizza because this is one of my fave recipes from the book.

Why? With a prepped pizza crust, it's very simple to make. The sauce is whizzed in a food processor or with a handblender - and your work is pretty much done. The taste is sensational, and the pizza itself is quite substantial. Another bonus: the peanut sauce yields enough to distribute over two crusts, depending on how thick you like the sauce. (You already know my preference on that!)

Some of you may finally be getting your copies of ED&BV, so try out this pizza asap!


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Thai Chick-Un Pizza: yet another recipe that I'm dying to make, once I receive my pre-ordered copy of ED&BV in the mail (ahh!! I'm so impatient for its arrival!!)

Teresa said...

Right away when I was looking at the pictures in ED&BV, my eyes stopped at this pizza. I don't know how you held out on us- it is beautiful! I'm thinking about making this on a tortilla- using your method in VLV. And I'm with you on the chickpeas over the fake chicken! Thanks Dreena for another awesome recipe- you're the best!

Anonymous said...

The pizza was actually the first recipe that jumped out at me as sounding amazing! I'm holding off, though-for a girl's night, since Matt doesn't like peanut sauce...I can't wait to curl up to a good movie and eat me some Thai Chik-Un Pizza!

Anonymous said...

I've thought about this pizza already. I was planning on substituting the pineapple with mandarin oranges (maybe adding them at the last minute since they hardly need any cooking) since I'm allergic to pineapples. I'm allergic to the craziest things -- pineapples and quinoa. :-)
The pizza looks and sounds delicious.
The Veggie Vixen

Anonymous said...

Hip Hip Horray! E,D,&beV finally came in the mail today! I just don't know what to make first. Maybe the chocolate pumpkin pie I have been hearing everyone rave about? Thanks, Dreena for another wonderful cookbook. You make me so excited to get in the kitchen and prepare wonderful healthy meals for my family.
On another note, I just found out that I do not have gestational diabietes with this pregnancy. This is amazong b/c I had it with both of my other kids. I know that my better diet is what did it and you are one of the main reasons I was able to keep it up! With such great tasting food, why eat junk?

Peace, Love and Veganism said...

Oh, I was just going to make a similar recipe from Veg Times, using seitan! I am still awaiting your cookbook! :(

Anonymous said...

Mmmm.. it makes my mouth water!!I'm a pizza-addicted and i can't wait to try this pineapple goodness( but i must, till i receive my copy of ED&BV. It's so hard waiting..).Yesterday i made your choco-cinna-nut biscuits and chickpea ratatouille: our dinner was a great hit!!Thank you so much!! You're the best!!
Zuccaverde from Italy

Judy said...

I LOVE the new cookbook - truly your best yet! I can't wait to try this pizza, and the chocolate pumpkin pie, and the black bean and orange hummus...and everything in between!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dreena, I just made this tonight for supper, it was absolutely outstanding, LOVE the peanut sauce. Sadly, I was out of chickpeas, oh well, there's always next time.

Dreena said...

Veggiegirl, you'll be busy cooking/baking once it does arrive - your family will be well fed anyhow!

Teresa, the photo *is* quite pretty, huh? I was so pleased with that photo when we did it. Thanks!

Veggie vixen, I have to agree... those ARE two of the funkiest food sensitivities. Makes you all the more special!

mom2wilmo, that is VERY interesting about your gestational diabetes. I have to believe that credit can be given to your healthier diet as well... give yourself a pat on the back, my dear... that's just AWESOME!

peace, love... I just saw that recipe too - looks quite different, but it's funny that there are similar thoughts about recipes out there!

Awww, thank you Zuccaverde... I'm just thinking how cool it is that someone from Italy is making my food!!! :)

YAY Judy, thank you... I love that you love it! I hope you find oodles of recipes that you want to use regularly. thx. :)

Yeah, awesome Ash! Your pic looks fab too... so glad you loved it. Now, one must never be out of chickpeas, okay. Go stock up!! :)

Isil Simsek said...

just tried this last night.
Was fantastic!Any ideas about the leftover sauce?

Roben said...

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