Saturday, December 31, 2005

Vegan Double Chocolate Almond Explosion Cookies

A long name for a cookie, but these are deserving of grand title!

When I created these cookies, the chunks of chocolate and almonds appeared to "explode" out of the cookies... hence the name!

Normally I use almond shavings in these cookies rather than almond slivers, as pictured, but both work just fine. If you have Vive le Vegan!, you may have thought this recipe difficult because of the long list of ingredients. Quite the opposite. Some of the ingredients are repeated in the listing for ease of following the directions... but these are simple and quick to make!

These cookies are a personal favorite. If you have dark chocolate (bar or chips), almond slivers or shavings (or chop up whole almonds), and the basics of flour, cocoa powder, vanilla, etc... you can make these chocolatey rich delights!


juliehasson said...

These cookies look fabulous Dreena. Actually all of your recipes do! It's great to see the pics of your recipes from the books.

Happy New Year!


Dreena said...

Thanks Julie!! That's part of the reason I started my blog, because Vive doesn't have any food photos. Even The Everyday Vegan only has a few photos. We look at our food before we taste it, and usually we want to try recipes that we can see, so this gives me the opportunity to show people how the finished recipes look.

I really appreciate your feedback, Julie... Happy New Year to you too!!

Mal said...

I made Banana Oat Bundles this morning and they're delicious! Half of them seemed to have found their way into my stomach...oops! I'm so glad that there's not a lot of sugar in them.

I made sure to freeze the rest for my lunch (I got a Laptop Lunchbox for Christmas!) during the schoolweek.

Dreena said...

That's so nice to hear, Mal! I'm glad you enjoyed the Banana Oat Bundles... and yes, it's nice to have some baked goods without too much sugar, especially now after the holidays! All the chocolate and desserts... oh my!

I'd love to know how you like the lunchbox when you start using it. I'm thinking of getting one for my daughter for when she starts school full days. :)

Mal said...

Be sure to check out my blog sometime soon as I plan on posting a picture of my very first lunch à la the Vegan Lunchbox. :)

Devon said...

I stumbled across your blog while doing research on Saint Valentine's Day for my site Saint Valentine's Day. Thought I'd say thanks!

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