Monday, January 02, 2006

Gold Kiwi

If you've walked past gold kiwi in your grocery store, thinking "what's the difference?"... think again!

I love gold kiwi! As pictured, they have a beautiful golden yellow color, and a sweet, subtle tropical/honey-like flavor. Unlike green kiwi that can sometimes be a touch sour when fully ripe, gold kiwi are completely sweet once ripened.

As for cost, they are not much more expensive per piece than green kiwi, and are often larger in size. They have an oblong shape with a pointed cap end, and the skin of gold kiwi is smooth rather than fuzzy.

It's the 'New Year'... time for fresh starts and lighter, healthier foods. Time to try delicious gold kiwi!


Madelyn said...

I Love gold kiwis - and Choices
carry kiwi juice in green or
gold - gold is absolutely my
favorite! I love your beautiful
blog site, Dreena - it's cheery!!

Harmonia said...

Thanks for the info! I hae been looking for these but have yet to find.