Monday, June 12, 2006

Pizza Loves Hummus

After making my Cannellini Bean Yam Hummus last week, I decided to use the majority of the batch to make pizzas.

This is my Hummus Tortilla Pizza recipe from Vive le Vegan!, this time using the Cannellini Bean Yam Hummus instead of my Creamy Hummus that I used when I first posted about these pizzas.

Here's the beauty of this recipe:

You can use any hummus you like to make tortilla pizzas. You can also use any type of tortilla, whole-grain or flavored. You can also use whatever toppings you want (you don't have to stick with those given in the Vive recipe).

Just think of what fun, fabulous pizzas you can create?!!

Plus, because these are "personal" pizzas, your family can customize toppings for their individual pizzas. Of course, you can always use a traditional pizza crust to top with hummus as well - pizza with a protein punch!

Just some ideas to leave you with since I am taking a wee blogging break. I need to catch up, rest up and cook up! Oh, and bake up... a cake for father's day! I will be making my Triple Layer Chocolate Cream Cake from The Everyday Vegan. This is hubby's favorite cake (hi hon if you're reading). Not that I'm ruining a surprise if he is reading - he usually gets this cake!
I'll be back next week sometime, can't say for sure when, but I will be checking in on comments and e-mails until then. See you soon (with pics of that cake)! :)


kaivegan said...

I haven't made this pizza yet, though I think I've planned on it twice already. Seems like when I get tortillas, dd always find something else to do with them.

Have a great week and enjoy your blog time-off... And happy fathers day to the man!

Harmonia said...

I tried to comment before and blogger was on the fritz again.

Anyhow, I FINALLY made your Cannelli-Yam Hummus last night! WOOHOO! Yeah! It's very nice! I might be being it to a funeral after-service tomorrow.

Also, I PMed you again on the board when you have time to pop in.

Melissa West said...

I'm glad you posted this, because I always look at this recipe but never try it! It looks fantastic. I bought the ingredients to do the yam hummus this week, so maybe I will make the pizzas.

Enjoy your blogging break. We will miss you.

EatPeacePlease said...

This looks amazing Dreena. I will miss your awesome photos on your break, but I know this means there'll be more great stuff soon!

Vicki said...

can't wait for a picture of that cake!

Dreena said...

Hi Kai, and I keep reminding you about it with these posts! :) I wish you a lovely weekend as well and a nice time on father's day!!

Hi Harmonia, yeah, I don't know WHAT was happening with blogger earlier - very wonky stuff going on with my posts! Hey, I'm so glad you liked the hummus... I figured with the chipotle in it, you would... I'm sure you added an extra dose of garlic too??! I'll pop by the boards again during the week to check out what's happening. :)

Thanks dragonslayer that's sweet! The hummus is very good on the pizza, though it is really good on its own too or spread on sandwiches. These pizzas make a great way to use up a large batch of hummus (even though hummus doesn't last long in our house)! :) Oh, I got your e-mail and will get back to you soon - thanks, btw!!

Hey Leslie, yes, hopefully I will be able to catch up on some new recipes and photo-taking... I'm feeling in the cookie mood once again too!! uh-oh!

Dreena said...

Hi Vicki, your comment just posted on right at the time mine did! I'll be sure to take a pic of a great big piece for you (almost as good as having a big piece of the cake yourself... nah, not really, but I'll do it anyway)!

KleoPatra said...

WOW. Now that's what I call pizza. I do hope you have a wonderful week! We'll all miss your posts...

Tanya Kristine said...

off your original subject, i made your chocolate chip cookies this morning and was shocked! They taste like Betty Crocker made them!!! soooo delightful.

thank you!

How do you stay so thin as a chef? You are LUCKY!

EatPeacePlease said...

Cookies?!? Uh, oh to you too!!! Bring 'em on Dreena...maybe some magical kinds that don't get baked?! Yeah right.

raising_kahne said...

We'll miss your awesome updates, but Im glad you are taking a much-needed break! Rest well!

Dreena said...

Thank you Kleo... :)

Hi Tanya - thank you!! Now I feel like "No Butter Crocker" or "Vegan Crocker", or something along those lines!! Thanks for that awesome feedback, I am so pleased you love the cookies! You know, I am more in shape now than I was before kids... and I used to be quite chubby as an older child. I'm sure it's because I am always on the go now during the days and rarely sitting on my bum! :) Though, I also exercise most days of the week - about 5-6 days usually, not for a long length of time, about 1/2 hour each day. But I MUST have exercise in my life, it keeps me energized and happy!! So, that I guess with running around the kids and eating a mostly whole foods diet and not much processed food or junk, allows for the treats here and there. :) Yay for cookies!!!

Oh, did I say cookies again, Leslie??!! I really must go work on some stovetop versions....

Thank you Savanna! :)

Tanya Kristine said...

well that makes sense Dreena!! working out and eating well.

damn. isn't there anything easier?

i just did a fast and lost 8 pounds and now one more so i'm 5 from my goal. yay!

but it was reeeeeeeeally hard coming to your site every day while not being able to indulge in any of your deliciuos recipes. so on my last day i made your cookies. what a great way to break a fast! (i only had one - there are 4 more waiting for me when i can eat with abandon!)

Dreena said...

ahh, Tanya, it's that age-old rule "exercise + good diet"... no way around that, is there??!! :) I've never done a fasting, or a 'cleansing', though I have been interested in the juice fasting/cleansing idea - but not while I'm breastfeeding, and I've either been pregnant/breastfeeding/trying to get pregnant/prego again, and now breastfeeding again for the last 6 or so years! Craaaazy!

raising_kahne said...

I find fast are pretty hard with my everyday life. Im considering doing a cleansing fast with being able to just eat fruit, or something of the sort.

Tanya Kristine said...

yes..i don't think fasting while breast feeding is a good idea for the sheer fact one gets VERY crabby on a fast. at least that's what my co-workers tell me.


i have to say, fasting has changed the way i view food. yesterday i ate 5 potato chips. 5!!! as opposed to 500! i am more conscious of what i put in and even felt bad about those chips becuase they had been chemicalized in one way or another.

oh my...i've become one of THOSE people...i'm vegan, i'm organic, i support my local farmers...who'd a thought?

by the way, that pizza looks lovely. and i have the last of those choco cookies for my afternoon snack. i'm seriously wathcing the clock til 3ish when i can devour it. i thank you - again.

Dreena said...

Savanna, I agree... in the past I've done days of mostly juicing and fruits, etc, and even that is quite challenging!

Tanya, I think it's very true that as you change your eating habits and choices that you DO become much more conscious of your food and it's just not 'okay' to eat certain things any more. It's a natural progression, we know more so we choose differently. But, still, we can have our treats, healthier chips, healthier cookies, etc... btw, you are spoiling me with your enthusiasm for the cookies!! :) Thank you!!