Friday, December 15, 2006

Book, DVD, and Food Updates

Well, some of you have been asking for details about the new book and dvd, so here is an update on what I have to share now:

Eat, Drink, and Be Vegan!
Will be published fall 2007, which typically means late October/early November.

There will definitely be food photos in the book, which I'm stoked about! Yay!!! We do the cover photo shoot sometime in January, and then the food photos sometime in Feb/March. It's all fast approaching!

Cooking DVD:
Scheduled for release February 2007. I should be able to share the name of the dvd soon. As you know, it co-stars Julie Hasson and Bryanna Clark Grogan, with each of us contributing 5-7 recipes.

What's with the apron pic? Well, just before I left for Portland, one of my very, very dear friends gave me this adorable apron for my birthday. Isn't it the cutest thing? I wore it in one of my recipe demos on the dvd and then when I used it the other day I remembered I had to post about it! Can you read the writing at the top? It says:

Why, thank you! Nothing like getting a compliment from your apparel. Hey, I'll take them wherever I can get 'em! Wait - you say it's the food the apron is talking about??? Please, don't ruin the happy moment.

With the release of the new book (and dvd), I will ask for a little help from anyone willing. My amazon profile needs a boost! If any of you would be happy to add a review to either/both of my books, I would really appreciate it. More reviews (and current reviews) will encourage sales, which will help sales projections for the next book, which will affect the print run size and ultimately distribution and how 'out there' my next book will be! I have heard from so many of you here and through e-mail that are enjoying my books and recipes, and I thank you. I normally don't ask you to add those words to a review, but this time I will swallow my pride. ((gulp))

Now, to a couple of food updates:
Last Mmmmm post, you must try these fries with a little bowl of tamari for dipping. I'm serious, guys. Go buy these. Bake 'em up, serve with a bowl of tamari, and just dip in the edge. OMG! Why haven't you bought them yet? Even if you're not that big on sweet potatoes, I still want you to try these! (and no, I didn't get anything from the company, other than the enjoyment of these fries)! Oh, and they e-mailed back about the Hanna Gold variety. That line is discontinued due to supply of the potatoes, so this pic is the variety you should see in your stores - and buy! :)

Remember this post? Well, I have received some coupons from Soy Delicious. They were very responsive to my e-mail about the funky pints I had bought. I asked if they would send some extra coupons that I could share with you guys, and so I will figure out how to do so in my next post. Hmmm, let's see, I'll have to go eat some Turtle Trails to think about that one...


Celine said...

most definitely posting comments to your books right now! they are amongst my favorites. :]
also, I'm super excited about the next one coming out so soon! let us know as soon as we can pre-order one, I know I'm not the only one who will jump on the chance of getting it while it's still hot.

Brooke said...

I just bought those tater fries yesterday, and plan on eatin' some today! Woot!

hyphen_helena said...

Great! I'm stoked for the DVD and new book! And having pictures is always awesome.

Anonymous said...

I'm certainly not much of a writer, but I love your cookbooks! I'll be pleased to go write a couple of reviews! Just made your kamut-Hemp chews (although I had to use peanut butter). Delish! They taste just like peanut butter cookies only--heartier! I also made your carob-coconut-pecan cookies and I agree that they are my favorite! So chewy and oddly crispy at the same time! I've already packaged them up to bring half to my trainer at the gym! Share the love!

raising_kahne said...

I love your apron! Yay on the ice cream!

Dreena said...

Thank you Celine, how sweet of you to say that! :) I'm not sure when the book can be pre-ordered, but once I do, I'll certainly update... thank youuuu!

Oh, good for you Brooke... definitely keep a lil' bowl of tamari on the side for dipping. I am quite hooked on these things these days!

Thanks hyphen_helena... pictures are SO exciting for me - we all love to see our food - we eat with our eyes first, after all.

Thank you Aimee, I appreciate that. I am also so happy to hear you like the kamut-hemp chews!! I haven't heard from a lot of people that have made those - they *are* a little different with the kamut flour and hemp/almond butter - but they are kind of fun little cookie bites, hey? Ahhh, you are smart to sweeten up your trainer - perhaps he/she won't be as tough on you? ha! I think people can pass over those cookies in the book because of the carob, but they really are a delicious cookie, I'm delighted you made them and now love them too!! Thanks. :)

Hiya Savanna, my gosh, what have Leslie and I done to you with the ice-cream?? I think you are as badly hooked as we are!! :)

VeganCyclist said...

pick me!
I'll go review your books, even if you don't. I LOVE the peanut better cookies. Am going to Blog about them in the next day or so. Just made them for the FIRST time on friday. SWOOOOON!


raising_kahne said...

Oohh yes you have!I tried the Dulce De Leche the other day, and it was great. I wasnt sure what to expect, but it was just like Turtle Trails except with just tons and tons of caramel swirling all through it. I was in heaven. I have you and Leslie to thank for my obsession. I love it.

I was going to ask you a question about your Carrot Zuicchini casserole. I was planning on taking to our Christmas dinner(s) and I was wondering if I could assemble it the night before and bake it the next day?? Also, how thick or chunky should the veggies be??

funwithyourfood said...

oh I'm most excited for your DVD. hmm maybe i'll ask for it as a valentines day present hehe ;)


Dreena said...

Kari, are you a fellow ice-cream lover?! We have a bit of a club going, you know! :) Hurray you loved the cookies!! Makes me oh so happy to hear... thanks.

Savanna, if you want a dish to prepare a day in advance, I would choose another. This dish I think the grated veg will start to break down before cooking. It should really be prepared close to when you want to cook - well, at least within a couple of hours. The veggies are grated and so with the salt and such in the sauce, they will start to release their water and break down some. I'd recommend another for wanting to prepare a day in advance, if that's important. Let me know if you have another dish in mind that I can give you some feedback on. :)

Thanks Teddy, it's not that far away, I'm pretty excited too - I haven't seen that much of it myself yet!!

Crystal & Ryan - Café Cyan said...

well, since I have both of your books, I suppose I could comment on how great they are!!

I will try the sweet potato fries - they sound yummy.


Freudian Slip said...

Nice! This stuff looks delicious! And I am so excited for your book!

Michelle said...

I love your cookbooks, they are the first ones I reach for when I am looking for something to make.

Everything always turns out so good.
I posted 2 reviews on amazon for both of your wonderful books and also on my blog

I highly recommend your books to anyone who wants to eat healthy and have it taste good.

And I so look forward to the next one.