Monday, January 15, 2007

A Year of Vive?

Well, I had to post about someone else's cooking today. You see, Michelle has taken it upon herself to test every recipe from Vive this year!! Here you see a picture of Millet-Amaranth Porridge.

No, I did not bribe her. No, cookies are not being slipped her way in the mail.

Why is she doing this? I don't know. You'll have to ask her. But, I had to post about it today, because while I'm always profiling new recipes for ED&BV, Michelle is busy showing pics of recipes from Vive - far more than I'll get to show myself - on my own Vive le Vegan! blog!!

What will also be fun for you is that Michelle will give her opinion on my recipes - some may get the 'thumbs-up', others... oh, that dreaded 'thumbs-down'. Whatever the result, keep a regular eye on her posts. You may not see Vive recipes there every time (hey, the girl's got other things to do than cook for me!). But, until I've finished this book, I can pretty much guarantee you'll see more pics of Vive recipes there than here!

You may even see a few TEV recipes thrown in there. You see on the left she's busy making Best Bruschetta.

And now she's sitting to enjoy a slice of Apple Swirl Loaf.

Hey, Michelle, thanks for doing some of my work for me! :) ((hugs))


Michelle said...

what, no cookies?!?!?!?!

i would take a free copy of your upcoming book, hint hint, nudge nudge! LOL.

you are too sweet.

Celine said...

just wanted to let you know that your coconut lime cookies have become my favorite ones ever. oh my!

funwithyourfood said...

haha Michelle- Who WOULDN'T take a copy of the new book!!?? Free- pisshh I'd just be excited to get it early ;)


Melissa said...

ditto on that one Teddy! I like that Michelle is doing this, I've been checking her blog a lot, so I know which recipes to try ;)

Lucy said...

I just started an 8-week vegan detox and my first meal was your creamy chickpea casserole with brown rice. It was delish! I'm looking forward to working my way through the book in the next 8-weeks and beyond!

raising_kahne said...

wow. That's awesome for michelle(and her taste buds)!!

I have a quick question. I want to make the miso curry potatoes from Vive! First, I dont have curry paste or powder. Could I make a spice using different oned from the cupboard?? Also, the miso I have(Ive never used it before) is red miso. Will this work??

Harmonia said...

:) Michelle is pretty darned cool isn't she?

I am thinking about looking up one of your recipes that has Kalamata Olives in it because I FINALLY located some in my area!!! :)

Oh! I have been posting about tea, tea, and more tea lately! :)

Dreena said...

Michelle, if you lived nearby, believe me, you'd get dibs on all my new cookie recipes - and any other goodies you'd wanna' try out! :)

Celine, where were you when I was testing those cookies??! My hubby is NOT a coconut lover. So, when I tested those, it was a struggle to get a decent opinion from him. Luckily my sister's family loves coconut - they got all the extras! I'm so glad you love them so much - thanks for telling me so. Btw - that profile pic is the cutest thing I've seen!!! I love it! I'd love to do one myself but I'd never get around to it right now... oh well, I'll stay amused with yours. Then today I was on your blog and saw the cat version - cute stuff. Your blog has AWESOME pics, btw... you have a real knack for taking food photos.

Funny, Teddy... I'll try to get them out early to everyone - really, I will! :)

Melissa, Michelle's blog is now the photos I never had in my book!

Hi Lucy, wow, 8 week detox... I've never done a detox myself. Good luck, and if I can help with any q's about my recipes, let me know... and thanks. :)

Hi Savanna, you certainly can use another seasoning for the potatoes. With the curry paste and miso, these are mixed and added very late in the baking because being a paste, it tastes better on the potatoes just a little cooked, rather than baked through the whole time (and getting a little burned in flavor). So, with a dry seasoning/spice, you don't need to wait to add it - in fact, it's best to add it right at the beginning with the olive oil and salt. You can use some simple herbs like basil, oregano, and thyme, or you can use some paprika, cumin, and a touch of chili powder. The recipe will be totally different, obviously, but without the curry paste and miso, it will be a different recipe - and I haven't tested it with the red miso, and don't suggest using it - just because it's a stronger tasting miso and may be too overpowering and may ruin the overall taste of your taters. I'd stick with some dry spices and use some flavors you personally like. Just then add them with the olive oil and salt, bake them, and toss them a couple of times throughout the baking time. Have fun!

maybepigscanfly said...

Dreena you sure are lucky to have Michelle post all your recipes- but then again we're even luckier to have your awesome recipes. THanks for the tip to check out Michelle's great blog. Good Luck finishing up the new book!

(maybe I'll be able to test all the vive recipes before edbv comes out!)

Danielle said...

Sounds like the vegan version of "Julie and Julia," a book about a woman who spent a year making recipe in a Julia Child cookbook.