Wednesday, March 25, 2009

spud! grocery offer!!

Hiya guys! I'm departing from my usual food posts today to share a little information about an organic grocery delivery company that I have used for many years... spud!. Many of you living in the Vancouver area may already be familiar with spud!, since they started in Vancouver some years ago. I was surprised to learn, however, that they also service customers in Victoria, Calgary, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

SPUD is offering a promotion to my blog readers! Anyone that would like to start using SPUD delivery can sign up at using the promotional info given here (at end of post) will receive $25 off over your first 4 deliveries! ($5 off the your first 3 deliveries, and $10 off your 4th)

I thought I'd share a few tidbits about spud! and why/when I shop with them, for those of you interested in grocery delivery - AND one that can be catered to the vegan diet!

First off, I'm not the type to order produce for delivery (at least, not normally). I'm a "hands-on" produce shopper, needing to see and feel my produce before buying, and selecting certain items that might be seasonal, on special, particularly fresh, etc. But, for many of you, when times are busy or you'd simply like the convenience of having fresh organic produce brought to your door, spud! can do it for you. Apart from having fresh, organic produce delivered to your door, the main reason I order with spud! is for some very specific vegan items that they offer. What is special about spud's online ordering is that they have catalogued their products according to dietary needs. So, for instance, when you click on their "Special Diets" icon, you can then link to a "Vegan" icon, and voila, all of their vegan products (except produce items) are listed out for you! I love the convenience of this feature. Sometimes, they have new or rotating product offering such as prepared meals, cookies, and dips/spreads, and so as a vegan shopper, I appreciate having any vegan options listed out in this manner.

When I order from spud! (once every 3-5 weeks normally), I stock up on some vegan products that I have come to love. What do I order? For those of you interested... some of my favorites are the whole-wheat pizza shells, the organic tamari roasted almonds (left), the homebake rye buns (pictured right - they are already baked, you simply reheat). I also often stock up on pantry staples like red lentils, quick oats, and non-aluminum baking powder (and spud's is my baking powder of choice).!

You can read more about spud! and their company story here. And, if you are interested in taking advantage of their sign-up offer (all locations mentioned are included, not just Vancouver), be sure to use the promo code CR5-9973, and mention my spud! customer code BURDRE to receive the $25 off over your first 4 deliveries.

(Bonus: I have arranged for any new customers referred from my blog (*you need to mention those codes) to have a chance to win a signed copy of eat, drink & be vegan!)

And, I haven't forgotten about the recipe vote. I will leave the voting 'open' for another few days, and let you know the results in an upcoming post!


Carrie™ said...

Don't suppose they'd deliver Toronto way? Dammit all!

Carrie™ said...

I was just looking through the spud site and it is amazing! The prices are comparable to the grocery store. Seems like a terrific company. I signed up so they'll let me know if they move my way. If I was west, I would certainly take advantage of spud!

miss v said...

:( they aren't anywhere near my area (kansas city). so sad for me.

Eating Consciously said...

too bad I can't benefit from this service!

jgrayson said...

Great post! I just had the pleasure of reviewing Spud Los Angeles:

Review: Organic food delivery service Spud

Anonymous said...

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