Wednesday, April 04, 2012

UPDATE! Let Them Eat Vegan - Release Date!

Update: Errata now published.

Hello my friends, thank you for hanging in with me for news on the revised printing of Let Them Eat Vegan.

At last, I can tell you that the official release date is May 1st!  Hurrah!

Any one that currently has a copy of LTEV, if you would like to exchange it for the new printing, you will have that option.  You can return it to the place of purchase, as accounts have been made aware and should honor return/replacement requests.

I will be back to announce a new "Buy-On" promotion program and date - if you can just hold on a little longer.

Thank you, and I truly hope to make the wait well worth it.


Jennifer said...

What's being revised? Except for some minor errors in editing, I haven't found any problems in the book. If there's something lying in wait for me, I'd like to exchange it but I won't bother if it's something minor.

Oh, and the Welsh Cakes are delicious! I've already made them twice. And my husband surprised me with the Mediterranean burgers one day- yum!

Bethany said...

Yes, could you please elaborate? I bought mine from Amazon so I'd rather not return it if it isn't necessary. Thank you :)

elise said...

looking forward to the updated one. ill share the pre-order promo date with my readers, too.

Christine said...

Hooray! Happy things are moving along and can't wait for the buy-on promotion. :)

Hannah said...

Hello Breena,
I am Hannah from the Netherlands.
Since Vive le Vegan is my favorite cookbook of my personal library at the moment I also bought Let them eat Vegan.
I ordered it from Bookdepository so exchanging it for another copy seems a bit difficult.
Could you tell me what errors there are in the book, isn't it possible to get errata by email?

Catherine said...

I also already have the book and love it. I would rather not deal with trying to exchange at amazon. Unless there is anything major, an electronic errata list would be wonderful! Just post here and I will be happy!

Dreena said...

Hiya guys!

To explain further, there were about 18 recipes that got mislabelled during design. Some say gf and aren't, some say soy-free and aren't, etc. I will post a list of these edits in a day or two so you can make the corrections in your copies if you'd like.

Thank you for understanding, and not blasting my butt on amazon!!

And, thanks also for being willing to trump up another 'buy-on' promotion (for those of you that mentioned it).

Hope you enjoy LTEV, and be sure to get in touch if you have any more questions.

vegan cheer!

Ashlee said...

I noticed in the picture section that the pictures of the cookies/brownies were mislabeled. Hopefully the editors caught that, too.

They just switched up the cookies and labeled them the opposites...


Brittany said...

So glad that they gave you the new release date! I might post my review a little before May 1, but I will definitely help you promote the buy-on promo. :)

MyRedSandals said...

It is now May 5 and Amazon is still offering only the first printing. Do you know when they will be opening up the May version to the public?

Dreena said...

Amazon now has the current version, even though their page shows "mar 13th" as the release, it is the new book that they are shipping. And, I have a promo on right now, you can get more details on my post here: